Friday, December 7, 2007

What is and what could never be....

As you probably know Anne and I have a series with Loose ID featuring members of the Japanese rock band ChildsPrey. We've pretty much given all the featured band members their own storyline and were toying with the idea of having one couple, guitarists Jun & Koji, a short story with Jun's ex-wife Rumiko.

Readers would love it, right? What could be better than to revisit our our guys and see them being with one another as well as someone they both care for?

I've been doing in informal poll on our e-mail loop asking for feedback on the idea and so far the opinion is overwhelmingly against a three-some.

I was surprised, but not in a bad way.

Koji needs to give us a pat on the back (or front ~_^) for making his triumph over a seemingly unrequited love so complete that no one wants us to screw with his and Jun's HEA--or have them screw around with anyone else even if they'll always have close ties via the kids.

I imagine Anne and I won't be finishing the grande menage a trois any time soon and will keep our little story in our heads but for those mildly interested here's how it would have started....

* * * *


"What the hell are you doing?" Jun kicked the apartment door closed behind him, then stepped out of his shoes in the entry way before stepping on the carpet. He stopped at the entrance to the living room and eyed Koji over the top of the grocery bags in his arms.

"I'm...setting...a new world record," Koji grinned, his words coming out half-slurred. He was standing--on his hands--his feet resting against the wall while the tips of his hair brushed the carpet. With all the blood rushing to his head, his face was practically the same shade of strawberry as his dyed hair.

"Uncle Koji's been there forever, otousan," Kaoru sat crossed legged on the floor next to Koji with a plate of musubi on his lap. The five-year-old boy picked up an egg timer and waved it Jun. "It's gone ping once already!"

The timer only counted thirty minutes at a time, thank God. Jun rolled his eyes. "Koj, get down. Your arms are starting to shake."

"The hell they are," Koji panted. "I'm fine...a little dizzy...but fine."

"Uncle Koji can do it," Kaoru set the timer back on the floor and popped another one of the seaweed-wrapped dumplings in his mouth.

"He can do it," Yuuka chirped up. Jun turned to his daughter who was lying face down on the couch a few feet away from Koji and Kaoru, coloring in one of her coloring books while a Hamtaro re-run played on the TV.

"You're not even watching," Jun raised an eyebrow at the three-year-old.

She looked up from her book long enough to pout at Jun. "It's boring."

"Thanks a lot, Yuuka," Koji sputtered.

Jun sighed. "I think I should've hired a baby-sitter to look after all three of you before leaving." He turned and went to the attached kitchen area. Behind him, there was a loud thud and the apartment floor trembled.

Kaoru started clapping, followed by Koji's muffled voice. "Ow."

"I think you need to go on a diet, Koj. You shook the whole damn floor when you fell," Jun said when his best friend and lover entered the kitchen, rubbing the top of his head.

"Ha. Ha." Koji reached up to the highest cabinet and took out the bottle of Noshin. After taking the over the counter caplets for his headache Koji said,

"So, Rumiko is coming to pick up the kids tomorrow?"

Jun nodded. "I'll miss having them here."

Koji smiled and drubbed Jun's shoulder. "Me, too."

"Miiiinnnneeee!" Yuuka wailed. "Gimme!"

"Stop kicking me!"


With a muffled groan Jun rushed out to deal with his children.

Koji grinned. "Then again, after a month of this a return to quiet will be nice."

Jun darted to the couch where Kaoru and Yuuka were in a tangled mess of

flailing limbs. "Hey, stop that you two." He dropped down on the empty spot next to them and pulled the little boy off his sister.

"She started it!" Kaoru whined. He clutched the coloring book to his chest "She doesn't share."

"He was mashing me!" Yuuka burst into tears. She climbed into Jun's lap and started sobbing her heart out.

Jun sighed. "Kaoru..."

"She always gets her way!" Kaoru tossed the coloring book to the floor and
started bawling. With all the commotion, Koji made the mistake of stepping out of the kitchen.

"Is everything okay?"

Kaoru ran over and attached himself to Koji's leg. "Uncle Koji, it's not fair!"

"I think it's nap time for them," Jun said dryly.

"No nap!" Kaoru protested his little chin jutting out the way his father's did when he was angry.

"No nap!" little Yuuka mimicked.

Jun looked positively pained and Koji tried not to laugh. He reached down and hoisted Kaoru onto his shoulders. "If you two get some rest I'll take you to the park after dinner and to get some ice cream."

"Only babies take naps," Kaoru protested again, tugging on Koji's hair.

"Babies nap!" Yuuka agreed, wanting to pull her father's hair in the same way but obviously thinking better of it when he gave her a stern look.

Koji reached up and took hold of Kaoru's hands. "How about if you two listen to a new song I wrote? "

"Then park and ice cream?" Kaoru asked.

Jun shook his head no but Koji winked at him. "Sure."



Koji swung Kaoru down and sat him on the sofa next to Jun and Yuuka then got his acoustic guitar from its stand and took a seat on a leather ottoman. The song he played wasn't new and it wasn't his composition but before it was finished it worked its magic and both children were snoring softly and resting against their father.

Setting down the guitar Koji picked up Kaoru and Jun took Yuuka and they placed both children on the wide low bed in the guestroom. Jun switched on the baby monitor then closed the door as he and Koji exited.

They went to their room across the hall and Jun fell back onto the bed. "I don't know how you did it but I'm glad you did."

Koji shut the door then lay next to Jun, chuckling when Jun rolled over and drew him into a deep searing kiss. "I thought you were tired," Koji said, still breathless and becoming more so as Jun's calloused fingers snaked beneath the hem of his t-shirt to skim his sensitive nipples.

Jun pressed his growing erection against Koji's hip. "I have a little life left in me yet."

"Ooh." Koji let out a puff of air. "That feels like more than a little."

Jun laughed. "Didn't you believe me when I said it?"

"I dunno, I had my suspicions," Koji licked his lips and sat up. "You've been
going non-stop with the kids this entire month. It's been what--" He held up his
hand and counted off four fingers. "God, that long since you've had any 'life in you'."

"Hey, Koj!" Jun smirked. "Helping Kaoru learn how to count has paid off for you, too."

"Ha. Ha." Koji smoothed his hands over the front of Jun's black t-shirt. "Now
back to what I was saying...I think I need some hard evidence before I believe you." He traced a finger along the fly on Jun's dark blue jeans.

Smirking Jun slid down his zipper and pulled his throbbing dick free of his silk boxers. "That evidence hard enough for you?"

"Almost," Koji purred kneeling and bending forward to tease Jun's length with
the tip of his tongue. He loved the way Jun weaved his fingers through his hair and tugged until his scalp tingled. He took Jun's cock into his mouth and simply held it there until Jun groaned and pushed his hips forward.

"Don't tease me…"

Koji pulled away and looked into Jun's gorgeous dark eyes. "Never," he said softly before capturing Jun's lips with his own.

They shed their clothing in minutes and were a tangle of arm and legs, their bodies heating, perspiring as they kissed and caressed, rubbing against one another until they couldn't wait any longer. Jun grabbed the tube of strawberry scented lubricant from the nightstand drawer and coated his fingers then handed the lube to Koji before shifting to lay with his head near the foot of the bed.

Jun took Koji's cock into his mouth, slipped his hand between his lover's thighs to stroked and probe his tight opening, groaning when Koji did the same to him and they fell into a natural steady rhythm, their mouths sucking, slick ingers gently fucking, pressing and prodding the sensitive glands within.

They came hard and long, almost simultaneously, trembling with untold pleasure, sucking all of the thick salty come like men dying of thirst and not wanting to waste a drop.

Koji let out a low moan and dropped on to his elbows, resting his head on the inside of Jun's thigh. He nuzzled his lover's wet dick, kissing the base of the semi-hard erection. "I've missed your cock," he sighed. "The way it tastes, the way it feels."

Jun continued to work his lips along Koji's sex. He murmured in agreement,
squeezing Koji's ass with one hand and pressing two fingers back into the stretched opening with the other.

Arching up with a groan of pleasure, Koji pushed back against the touch. "Oh yeah...I've really missed that, too."

"You poor deprived man," Jun said, his voice husky. His cock hardened again and pushed upwards. "How can I make it up to you?"

"This is a good start," Koji stroked the rigid, pulsing length with his tongue.

"Now, fucking me hard would be even better."

Obliging, Jun shifted to lay atop Koji.

Little voices echoed in the distance.

"Shit," Jun said, as he stared at the baby monitor receiver, his cock poised at

Koji's waiting entrance.

"They'll doze back off. They ran around the apartment all day," Koji whispered, raising his lean hips, trying to draw Jun in.

"Yeah," Jun said when the monitor grew quiet. He kissed Koji slid into his willing body with one quick thrust only to freeze when he heard his daughter shriek.

"Outousan!" The sound of small feet pounded through the monitor and down the short hall.

"You locked the door?"

"Um," Koji stammered, Um…"

"Yuuka!" Kaoru called in the hall.

The little girl shrieked and rattled the door knob. The door began to open. Jun
pulled out of Koji and both men dropped off the bed and onto the floor grabbing for their pants.

"Where are mine?" Koji squeaked as he groped around the carpet on his hands and knees.

"I don't know!" Jun shoved himself into his pair, proving that, yes--under enough stress, a man can put on his pants both legs at a time.

"Shit!" Koji panicked.

"Otousan," Yuuka whined, stepping into the room and rubbing the sleep from her eyes with both hands.

Jun had no choice. He shoved Koji butt-first into the adjoining bathroom and shut the door.

"What's the matter, baby?" he panted, forcing a smile. "Don't you want to go back to sleep?"

"No," Yuuka toddled over and reached up for him to grab her. "Where's Uncle

Koji? I want him to sing again."

Koji grabbed a pair of rumpled jeans from the hamper in the bathroom and pulled them on. He splashed water on his face then tossed a towel around his shoulders and strode back to the bedroom in time to see Kaoru come in and pick up something from the floor.

"See through toothpaste!" He squeezed the tube and a glob fell on his finger and dripped onto the floor.

"No!" Jun called.

"Shit!" Koji dived over the bed and swept his arm around the little boy's

middle, throwing the towel over his hand to keep him from tasting the "toothpaste".

Jun collapsed onto the bed with Yuuka still in his arms.

"Koji say a bad word," she taunted as she squirmed free and slipped to the

floor. Koji wiped Kaoru's hand and let him go then wiped the lube from the

rug. He looked up as Yuuka went down on her hands and knees and reached under the bed. "Jun…"

Her little head poked up followed by a chubby hand. A chubby hand holding furry handcuffs. "Otousan, what's this?"

Jun's eyes bulged. He reached over and snatched the toy from her outstretched

hand. "That's, uh"

"That's mine!" Koji dashed over, laughing nervously. "I found it on the bus." He tried to take it from Jun who glared at him.

"I thought you put all this stuff away," Jun hissed through clenched teeth.

"It was in the last batch of presents Kim and Imai sent--I forgot about them."

Koji yanked away the cuffs.

Kaoru burst into a fit of giggles and jumped on the bed. "I wanna see!"

"No!" Jun tackled his son and pulled the boy down on to the sheets. "It's, uh, for ladies." He winced at his own lame excuse and buried his face in his hands.

"Then why does Uncle Koji have them, huh?" Kaoru giggled some more and squirmed in his father's arms. "What are they for?"

With a defeated look, Koji sat on the edge of the bed. "Well, Kaoru, when two

people love each other very much--"

Jun shoved him off the bed. "Koj, shut up!"

"Shit," Koji whined, rolling on to his knees.

"Uncle Koji said a bad word again," Yuuka crawled out from under the bed.

"I'm telling, I'm telling."

Jun buried his face in his hands. He groaned when the doorbell sounded. "Oh, god what now?"

"If it's Imai, I'm punching him," Koji said as he dragged himself to his feet and went to answer the door.

When Koji exclaimed, "I love you!" Jun bolted upright and rushed to the

livingroom, his children a few paces behind.

"Um, hi Koji," Jun's ex-wife Rumiko said as she struggled to break free of Koji's bear hug only to have her legs seized by her children.

"Uncle Koji has fuzzy bracelets and see- through toothpaste!" Kaoru exclaimed.

"And he said bad words!" Yuuka added.

"It's not important. You don't want to know," Jun assured her as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Rumiko raised her eyebrows but laughed. "I won't ask then."

* * * *
If you're so inclined please check out the latest novel length installment in the series featuring the CP boy's arch rival Miji Makana in Secret Moon released this week.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you'd guys would want to add the ex-wife into the mix? As a reader, I dislike reading m/m/f stories anyway. But they are your characters and you can do as what you please.

I guess at the end of the day if you want to sell this book, then a lot of people would not buy it, not because their against your writing. But because they might feel cheated in their HEA in Jun's and Koji's story. And honestly I think that would be unfair.

I didn't read the excerpt because well...of the reasons above. But I hope you guys stand by your endings to your respective stories, and not mess with something good.

Good luck.

Anne D said...

clear toothpaste!!!!!! OMG!! hahahah

Oh I could so see that happening. I've had more than one of those "what's this, mummy' moments!

As for the menage, I think it would all come down to the why. Just for a bit of fun, maybe not, but because she wants more kids and for some reason they can't so they turn to the father of her first two children...well something like that seems a lot more feasible.

Barbara Sheridan said...

It will probably end up being a story that stays in our heads the just to amuse us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Anonymous. The excerpt is really just a scene of hilarity ensuing as Jun & Koji try for a bit of quiet time while Jun's kids are in another room napping--or not. :)

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