Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over

I just got done turning in four blurbs and titles to some m/m novellas I've been thinking about. They're about GI Joes who come to life. How fun is that?

I love it when the ideas flow. One of the things I love about this business is that I never get bored. GI Joes who come to life. Underwater beings who find love through a marriage of state. Historical vampires fighting during the civil war. High level professional equestrians finding love within, and outside of, their sport. The possibilities and my imagination are boundless.

So what M/M do I have coming up?

In January, For Love and Country, will be released from Samhain Publishing. Part of the "Serving Love" anthology (which will see print in Jan 09), this story features two vampires in the early days of the Civil War.
Unscheduled, but working on edits is, Cowboy Up, another one of my hot men on horseback. This time, I look at Rock Brennan, a former rodeo rider who turned to the sport of reining and a dressage diva, Andreas Thorpe. The cowboy isn't the only one who has to "cowboy up" to get the job done, but the results are oh so sweet.
I'm looking at a M/M novella series from Changeling. Not contracted yet, so can't say too much. Also looking at an alternate universe M/M series I've discussed with my Loose Id editor.
I love writing M/M so plan to see a lot of it out of me in the upcoming year!
Happy reading!!!!!

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