Friday, December 28, 2007

Honey, do these pants make me o_O

Over the past year, I've been told--not once, but three times by different people--that models I've used on covers "look gay". Hmm. I'm not really sure how they arrived to that conclusion, because, frankly, I find it hard to determine a man or a woman's sexuality based only on appearance. I guess I'm kinda slow. Everyone must've known from the start that this guy was gay:

Rock 1

Me? I need a big sign to help judge on appearances alone:

Rock 2

I would've liked to ask the people who made the comments why they felt the models looked gay, but my worry is that the question would've come off as confrontational--something I don't wish to be. The fact is, I'm genuinely curious what gives off the impression of gayness.

Obviously, I'm beating a dead cultural horse here, but stereotypes bug the crap out of me. And I also know the people who made the comments about how the models "look gay" don't mean to be insulting. I guess...I guess I just find it sad. And I'm confused as hell because I seriously don't see any of the gayness they did. I'll toss exhibit A out to whoever would like to take a stab at my conundrum. This model was one of the ones labeled "gay", months and months ago, and it still bothers me because I can't figure it out:

Exhibit A

Maybe I'm over-sensitive when it comes to labels...but I really can't understand how such an intangible part of someone's identity as his or her sexuality can be so obvious to others based only one photo. I just dunno.


Barbara Sheridan said...

With Rock I never saw that coming when the deep dark secret hit the airwaves.

But photo guy? *shrug* Maybe it's the slightly wonky haircut and blindfold combo that makes some folks think "gay"?

Alex Beecroft said...

I don't have any idea either. I know, for example, that - I've heard that - Americans tend to find European guys effeminate. And I don't know why. I wouldn't assume either of these guys were gay.

Heh, and after Dale Winton on TV, who is screamingly camp, but straight, I wouldn't dare take a guess based on mannerisms either.

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