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O'Joyful Night

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!
As my present to everyone, I've got a little Christmas story I wrote a while back that I thought I'd post. I hope everyone stays safe and have a great Christmas holiday.

Warning - This work of fiction contains graphic scenes between two men (duh) and is for those 18 years and older.

PS...please forgive any errors. This was not edited.

O'Joyful Night
by Marty Rayne

Matt smiled as he watched Brad, sitting on the floor in front of the bare tree, untangling the ball of lights that sat in his lap. His face was in a scowl; intense concentration lit his face as he fought with the tangled wires.

“That is the most pathetic tree I’ve ever seen.” Rene said as she crossed the room and sat next to Matt.

Brad looked up at her. “What do you expect? It’s Christmas Eve. There wasn’t much left.”

“Well, if you would have gotten it a week ago like I told you to do, then you could have found a nicer one.”

“I think it will be fine Rene.” Matt interrupted them before an argument started. He was the moderator of this trio, always finding ways to keep the peace between them all.

Rene huffed before standing. “Well, you have less than an hour to get to the pageant stage. I need a lot of things moved and you two said that you would help.”

“Don’t worry Rene. We will be there.” Matt said calmly, but he could see that Brad’s scowl grew deeper.

When the door closed behind Rene, Brad turned to Matt. “I don’t see why she has to drag us into all of this Christmas stuff. She knows how much of a Scrooge I am.”

Matt got up from the couch and kneeled in front of Brad. “She just wants to spread the joy of Christmas to as many people as she can.”

“Okay, I get that, but every year I am forced to play subservient to the Christmas Nazi whether I want to or not.”

“Brad,” Matt sighed. He didn’t want to get into this again. Not this year. He looked down at the knot of wires “Why don’t you just use your powers to untangle that mess?”

Brad frowned at Matt. “I’d end up blowing every light there is, then we’d have no lights at all.” He shook his head. “You know my concentration isn’t as focused as you and Rene’s.”

Matt reached over, closed his eyes, and waved his hand over the bundle. The wires untangled. Brad huffed as he looked down at the lights that lay on his lap.

“I hate it when you do that.”

“It just takes attention,” Matt encouraged. Brad had always had trouble with keeping his emotions in check. On the outside, everyone saw a tough, scowling orphan from the wrong side of the tracks, but Matt knew what was inside of Brad. He had a swirl of emotions that built and stayed trapped inside, only coming out in bursts of explosions when he tried using his gifts.

Matt leaned over and lightly kissed Brad’s lips. Brad opened willingly for Matt and allowed the kiss to deepen. Their tongues tangled together, like the strands of lights, their energies melding together. Matt’ hands went to Brad’s head, keeping him close until he was near breathless. He pulled away and looked at the Brad’s desire filled face. Gone was the glower that was there just a moment before. Matt smiled, always liking when Brad didn’t carry a grimace.

“Take off my shirt, Brad.” Matt’s voice sounded husky and deeper than usual as his own want built.

Brad reached out for Matt’s buttons, but Matt took hold of his hands. “No. Use your powers.”

“Matt…” Brad started.

He shook his head and interrupted Brad’s protests. “With your Goddess given abilities or you get no more.”

Brad sighed knowing that what Matt wanted, Matt got. He turned his attention to the small buttons that were lined up on Matt’s burgundy shirt. He blocked out all sound and sight and concentrated on the top button. Slowly, it began to move, shifting its way out of the buttonhole.

Brad was feeling good about himself, as the button was almost free of the hole. That was, until he felt Matt grab the front of his jeans. This caused Brad to jump, his cock, hardening even more and his concentration fell. In that instant, all of Matt’s buttons flew across the room, as his shirt was jerked open by some unseen force.

“Fuck,” Brad cursed, seeing how he’d destroyed Matt’s shirt.

Matt didn’t seem to mind as he pulled Brad in for a kiss. It was filled with such a passionate desire that Brad leaned into Matt and groaned, his body feeling the heat of his lust for Matt. His hands went to the bared chest; his fingers lightly caressed the silky skin. Brad could feel the goose bumps that popped up and smiled inwardly. His powers may be hard to control, but he knew that he could make Matt putty in his hands within moments. Brad let a hand graze one of Matt’s stiff nipples causing him to gasp in Brad’s mouth.

The phone in Matt’s phone rang pulling them out of their fervor of lust. Matt reluctantly pulled away and answered the phone.


“Get your asses moving.” Rene’s voice came loudly through the earpiece. She knew that they would probably get sidetracked.

“We’re going,” Matt said, slightly annoyed then hung up the phone. He looked to Brad.

“Rene, huh?”

Matt nodded, but pulled Brad in for a quick kiss. “I have a deal for you. Let’s just say that it’s inspiration.”

Brad looked at Matt wearily.

Matt got up, pulling the torn shirt from his body. He walked into Brad’s bedroom, returning only a moment later pulling one of Brad’s t-shirts over his head. He looked to Brad who had stood and waited for Matt to finish.

“When you can control your powers, I’ll reward you. That way, you can practice and we can still have fun.”

“I don’t know Matt.” Brad scratched at his eyebrow. He did that when he was nervous. Matt just smiled at his friend and lover as he headed out the door, Brad following.

Rene worked Brad and Matt like slaves. She had them moving props, parts of the stage and what ever else she could think of until it was set to her perfection. They stood in front of the stage looking on. Rene sighed. Matt and Brad tensed, feeling tired, but ready to go and change something for her.

“Perfect,” Rene sighed.

Brad took a step then stopped. “What?” He looked at Rene.

“I said it’s perfect. Thanks guys.” She turned and beamed a thankful smile at them. She gave each a big hug and kiss on the lips. “You guys are the greatest.”

“You’re welcome.” Matt gave her a rare smile..

“I’ve got to go and meet with Mr. Cramer about the music so I’ll see you guys later.” Rene waved to the two guys as she rushed off in the direction of the parking lot where some adults were gathering before their practice.

“Well, I’m pooped. Let’s go back to my place. I’m in need of a shower.” Brad said walking toward the truck.

Matt shook his head and smiled. He took Brad’s hand and pulled him toward the stage. “I think you need some more practice first.” Matt led him around the stage to the little house that was off to the side. That was where some of the decorations were stored and decorated as a candy house for the Christmas theme around the park. They entered it with Matt closing the door behind them. Using a quick spell, he made sure that they would not be disturbed.

Matt went to Brad and kissed him. His lips were soft and barely brushed over Brad’s. It was a teasing kiss, one that held much promise Brad knew. Matt pulled Brad’s shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. Next, he unbuttoned Brad’s pants and let them fall to his ankles. With a wave of his hand Brad’s boxers were gone.

“Hey! Those were my favorite,” Brad pouted.

“I’ll buy you another pair.” Matt took hold of Brad’s cock. He slowly pumped it, making it stiff. Brad groaned, still feeling the frustration of not being able to finish their earlier session.

Matt let go of him and pulled a bright red ribbon from his jean pocket. Brad raised a brow to the object, but Matt ignored him. He bent and wrapped the silky material around Brad’s erect length. He tied it into a nice bow before standing up. Brad looked down at his newly decorated body part.

“Ummm, Matt? What’s up with that?”

“It’s your next lesson. I want you to untie it.”

Brad looked at Matt confused and reached with his hands to untie the ribbon. Matt caught them and held them in his.

“No. Use your powers.”

“Mathew. Uh, do you realize what you are asking? That is precious cargo down there and you want my explosive abilities near it? Are you fucking nuts?”

Matt pressed his body against Brad’s nude one. “I’m dying to fuck you, Brad.” His voice filled with yearning. “You untie the ribbon with your powers, I’ll reward you by fucking you until you scream my name.”

Brad’s breath caught at Matt’s words. His wrapped cock twitched at his tone. Yes, he wanted Matt to fuck him. He wanted to feel Matt’s cock in him, pumping in and out. When he released his breath, it picked a rapid pace.

“That’s what you have been wanting isn’t it Brad? For me to slide my thick cock deep into your body.”

Brad could not speak so he just nodded. “Good.” Matt smiled. “Now show me what you can do.”

Brad closed his eyes and took several deep breaths trying to control the hunger that surged through his body. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked down at his bound cock. He blanked out his mind, not thinking about what might happen if he could not keep his focus. He knew that Matt was right there, ready to heal him if he was to goof. Brad felt his power build in his gut as warmth spread to his limbs. Using intense concentration, Brad passed his hand over his hard length and watched amazed as the ribbon untied and fell to the floor. He looked up to Matt who greeted him with a large smile.

“See. I knew that you could do it. Now, for your reward.”

Matt raised his hand toward Brad. Brad felt a force turn him around and press his to the wall of the small building. He was held there by an invisible hand, unable to move from the coolness that seeped in. He turned his head and found that Matt had removed his shirt and was in the process of taking off his pants. He approached Brad and pressed his warmth against Brad’s back.

“You are stronger than you think. You just need the right motivation,” Matt whispered seductively into his ear.

Matt shifted until his own dick was nestled between Brad’s cheeks. He reached down and pulled them apart before pushing into Brad. Brad groaned at the sudden invasion of his body.

“You are always so tight.” Matt moaned at the hot tightness surrounding him.

“Matt,” Brad whimpered needing more, but he was still pinned to the wall, unable to move his hips back.

Matt’s hand went to Brad’s hair and grabbed a handful in his fingers. He jerked Brad’s head back and kissed him roughly. Matt loved the feel of Brad’s body against his. Anytime they were near each, he had to pull in his control as his mind screamed to take him, no matter where they were. He released his lover and loosened the hold, allowing Brad to push his hips back into him.

“Yes,” Matt hissed, thrusting in and out of Brad.

Brad could do nothing more than move his hips with Matt’s rhythm and moan as pleasure filled him, rushing through every vein of his body until it ended at his hard cock pressed against the wall. With each of Matt’s thrusts, it pushed Brad’s body up and down the wall, letting the cool surface do the stroking that Brad desperately wanted to do.

Matt’s pumping quickened and he knew that his lover was close to coming. “Fuck, yeah.” Brad growled, heat building in his balls. Matt pumped harder still.


“Say it.” Matt panted, their sweat covered bodies rubbing against each other.

“Uuuuughgghhh…shhhitt…” Brad groaned. Finally he could take it no longer. “Yes! Fuck, Matt!!! Matt…..Yes!!!” Brad screamed as the warmth became a burning sensation as his cum squirted from his dick onto the wall.

“Brad,” Matt growled in his ear as he let his orgasm release.

They both fell to the floor, Matt’s hold on Brad gone. They lay there for several moments, breathing heavy, before they realize that voices outside the little building could be heard. It was singing. The adults had begun their practice and were just yards away. They were singing Let It Snow.

Brad chuckled. “That was really great.”

Matt nodded in agreement. “I’m hungry. Let’s go back to your place and finish the tree.”

The two got dressed and slid out of the building without anyone noticing them. They went back to Brad’s apartment where Brad took a shower while Matt cooked spaghetti for their dinner.

“Mmmm…smells good.” Brad said when he exited the bathroom with just a towel on. He sat at the bar across from Matt.

“It will be done in a few minutes.” Matt gave Brad a small smile.

Brad brought a small box from his lap and laid it on the countertop. “I was going to wait until tomorrow to give this to you but I decided to do it now, while we were alone.”

Matt looked surprised at Brad, then down at the gold box. It had a red ribbon on it, tied neatly on top. Matt smiled.

“Brad, you didn’t have to do this. I know how tight your money is.”

“I know, but I wanted to. You’ve been there for me through my life. You’ve always stood by me no matter what kind of an ass I was being. You are truly my soul mate, Matt. Now, with all the mushiness out of the way, open the damn thing.”

Matt watched as the ribbon slowly untied and fall away from the box. He chuckled as he picked up the box. He lifted the lid and found a gold ID bracelet lying on some cotton inside. Matt gently lifted it from the box and found that his name was engraved on it.

“Brad.” He was awed. He knew that this must have set him back financially.

“Turn it over.”

Matt flipped the bracelet and found that the back was engraved also. “To my life, my soul, my love.” Matt looked up at Brad, tears in his eyes.

“This is our fist Christmas officially together. I didn’t want it to go without something to remember it by.” .

“Thank you Brad.” Matt’s voice hitched, trying to hold back the tears. “I love you.”

“I love you.” Brad said as he leaned over and captured Matt’s lips.

Copyrighted 2007 - All rights belong to Marty Rayne


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Aww... that was sweet. Thanks for sharing, Marty.

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You're welcome :)

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