Sunday, December 16, 2007

First post! I've read back over the past few weeks here at Slash and Burn and I must say, I'm in very fine company with all of these extremely talented authors. Much thanks to Keira Andrews for the heads up about the open spot.

My new release, Tabula Rasa, is available now at Torquere Press. This novel was a change of pace for me, since I'm used to writing about firemen. Rodeo boys are a far cry from firemen, but I loved doing the research and examining the dynamics of team ropers and their partners. I'm very proud of this book and how it turned out, so allow me to post a little snip...

“You a bull rider?” Teagan asked, even though he already knew the answer to that.

A head shake was the only response Cash gave him.

Teagan sighed. There were two types of cowboys: the ones who hung around in packs and gossiped like chickens in the henhouse, and the ones who prided themselves on being the exact opposite. The strong, silent type, to coin a phrase. The fact that Teagan himself didn’t actually fit into either of those categories was not lost on him, but he sort of liked it that way. He got information when he needed it and was left alone when he didn’t.

He tried again, tentatively. “Haven’t seen you in Pine Bluffs before.” Lame, but where the hell was he really supposed to be going with this? “I’m Teagan.”

Cash did turn to look at him then. “I know who you are,” he responded, turquoise eyes flashing from under the brim of his battered black Stetson. “You’re Alex Rafferty’s kid.”

Teagan’s gaze landed first on Cash’s cut lip and then on his bruised cheek. Yep, the guy had taken a punch or two. “Ain’t been a kid for nearly twenty years. But yeah.”

Cash shrugged and turned away from him again. The alfalfa straw in his mouth moved slightly as he spoke. “If you’re talking to me, then you know who I am. Might as well tell me what you want.”

A flash of unexpected shame told Teagan that he wasn’t going to be able to bluff his way out of it. Clearly the man was used to being ignored, so much so that he was suspicious of anyone who tried to make a friendly overture. “I want to know what kind of rodeo you ride, if it ain’t bulls.”

“Rope steer,” was the curt answer.

“Ever been a team roper?”

“Not much of a team player. That’s what I been told.”

“That isn’t really what I asked you.” Teagan pressed his luck a little bit. He had nothing to lose, at this point. Cash would either say yes or tell him to fuck right off. Desperation was Teagan’s motivator, especially since now the Pine Bluffs rodeo was twelve days away. And then it was onto Cheyenne after that, and then up to Butte… there was no damn time for Teagan to dick around.

“Yup,” Cash finally said, eyes on the grazing bulls. “Long time ago.”

“Head or heel?” Teagan asked him.

“Both, when necessary. Was better at heading. S’why I rope steer nowadays.”

Well, that was more information than Cash had offered in the past five minutes. Teagan’s confidence was bolstered. “Can I buy you a beer?”

And there you have Teagan and Cash, two hot-headed boys who need to find more common ground other than the dirt of the rodeo ring. You can watch the trailer for it at my site, then head on over to Torquere Press to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I bought this as a paperback a few weeks ago, and I loved it. As usual you deliver some fine characters and a great story. It's great to see you on this BLOG as well.


Amanda Young said...

Welcome Tory. We're glad to have you here. :)

Tory Temple said...

Thanks, Lidyah and Amanda, I really like being here!

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