Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aaron's Equal Time

An answer to Filling In

I heard Joey co-opted this space a couple weeks ago. Not that I’m surprised. The guy loves to talk and talk and talk… But hey, equal time, right? Especially since it’s such a big election year or something. Like I give a shit. No matter which of 'em is president it wouldn’t have stopped the state of Florida from dumping Sheree and the twins in the foster care system if they’d figured out I was queer.

So Joey says I’m always yanking away point of view. Hey, if Do-gooder’s got something to say he can open up that sexy mouth of his and say it. Though if that mouth’s going to be open, I’ve got some other ideas that’d suit me better.

See, Joey is hot. Seriously fucking hot. Best thing I’ve had in my bed since—well, ever. And despite his stupid I-can-save-the-world mentality I like the guy, even when we’re not fucking. He’s funny, smart, sneaky and fucking fearless, though he is a bit of a klutz. I suppose sooner or later it’ll all get old.

Possibly sooner. See, I’ve done enough taking care of people for a life time. I’m not looking for thanks for it or anything. It needed to be done and I did it. The end. But now it’s my turn to have some fun. Just me. Soon as Joey’s out of that sling he’s outta my hair. Though not necessarily completely out of my bed. Every once in a while wouldn’t be a problem.

So does all that make me sound like—what did he call me—an arrogant prick?

And by the way? K.A.’s locked up until she finishes our damned book.

--Aaron Chase


JenB said...

Nah, not an arrogant prick. A scared little boy who's tired of letting the world around him beat him down.

Maybe you should let Joey take care of you for a change.

Sometimes it's fun"switch". ;)

K.A. Mitchell said...

Little boy? Hey Jen, just ask Joey about that, k? And the world can fuck itself as long as it leaves me alone.

I'm not so much a control freak that switching is an issue--except parts of Joey aren't so little either. I think he'd have more of an issue than me. I can't picture him getting off his back except to get on his knees.

JenB said...

Oooooh, temper. Heh...your story's gonna be hot, regardless of how fucked up you and Joey are. ;)

If I were Joey, I'd give you a long, hard spanking for being such a grump. Joey needs to man up, and you obviously need to grow up. Ha, take that!!

K.A.'s got her hands full with you two, that's for damn sure. ;)

-Jen (who suddenly feels odd about this entire conversation...)

Amy Lane said...

Now children... Aaron sounds like he's just masking some hurt little boy with all that favorite kind of hero, Aaron but don't let that get in the way of all that tough-guy posturing.

(k.a., if you're out there--you've totally got me hooked...)

JenB said...

Amy - Oooh, you called him little!

You *have* to read DIVING IN DEEP, the first book. Have to. My review is on Amazon and on the Yahoo group thingy (I think the Yahoo one has more swear words).

K.A. Mitchell said...


Thanks for talking to Amy but I can handle it. And I am all grown up. I just don't see what the issue is. I know what I want and I enjoy getting it. Just like Joey. The way I grew up's got nothing to do with it.


If I was ever a little boy, I don't remember it. Talk to Joey. I'm sure he'd love to share his traumatic life history or whatever.


I'll get it out of him somehow.



I'll get it into him somehow, too. ^ ^


Jen and Amy,

Help. I'm locked in the basement chained to my laptop.


Mary M. said...

K.A. ... I'd really like to help you. I swear. But Aaron scares me. So I'll take the coward's way out and wish you good luck :-D.

JenB said...

Aaron - Riiiight. Just keep telling yourself that, babe.

Joey - Kill him with kindness. Smother him with love and pink bunny slippers. Sometimes those damaged types just need someone to snuggle them and cater to that scared little boy inside.

K.A. - Can't help you, sorry. You brought this upon yourself. o_O

(And hurry up, will you??? I need to read this book!)

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