Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer men

I don't know about other parts of the country, but it's already summer here in Florida. And I'm suffering through my first sunburn of the season. That's even AFTER I put at least two applications of sunscreen. Guess that's what I get for spending more time in the water-only because my boys forced me- and out in the open than under the umbrella.
The area we camped out at had both surfers and skimboarders. The I don't think the waves were good enough so I grew board quickly. Better waves when there are storms.
However, the skimboarders....:P The batch that were near us were young (jail-bait for me *lol*), tanned, and fit. I found that I couldn't help but watch them and know I'd never be able to do what they do (been there, done that, and busted my butt).
For those who don't know. Skimboarding is: the sport of riding a skimboard (a very thin, small surfboard) over shallow water on a beach and into oncoming waves close to shore. The board is usually tossed ahead and jumped on after a running approach.
Most had the "surfer" look. Longer hair and tatts and very nicely tanned. A few had short hair cuts. I was able to gather information for future characters. :)
Anyway, it got me into the mood for some long hair hunks *sigh-dreamy eyes*
Enjoy some eye-candy


Anonymous said...

WOW Marty

Thanks for the pics, made it easier to end a Monday night looking at the Summer Hotties. Just what I needed after a hard day at work :}


Kris said...

Pretty pics, thanks. Nice way to break up the rigors of housework. :)

JenB said...

Ooh, pretty. *pets the pretty boys*

Kara said...

Niiiiiccceee eye candy. First time visit and love the site!!

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