Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and New Moon

I know Tory said this yesterday, but boy, two weeks really fly by. Not a whole lot going on in my little area of the world. I’ve have to play taxi for my mom-in-law for various doctor appointments and it’s really been too hot and humid (not to mention the unpredictable storms) to really do much activity. We went to the Miami Metro Zoo a couple of weekends ago and I think my husband had the startings of heat exhaustion even though he drank 4 bottles of water in just the few hours we were there. This is one summer I dearly wish we had a pool and really miss living so near the beach like the past three years. *sigh*

I did take my children to see the newest Harry Potter movie this afternoon (HP and the Half-Blood Prince). I’m one of those that love the movies but have never read the books *gasp* I know, I know. One day I’ll get around to it. My kids have the first 4, so whenever I want, I just need to grab one.

Anyway, the movie was well done (IMO). The actors are really growing up as have the acting skills. This one dealt more with “romance” than the earlier ones which is good since they are nearly done with Hogwarts. I won’t give anything away, but I’ll say that it left more questions than answers. But then, like I said earlier, I haven’t read the books yet.

But, what really came to mind watching this movie was all the Harry Potter/Draco slash fanfiction that is floating around on the net. At least it was a while back, because an old fanfic friend kept sending me links to Harry/Draco fics. I personally never could get into them. I can’t pinpoint why, perhaps because they were just children at the time or I just wasn’t that big of a fan. *shrug* No matter the reason, it was a fandom that just never clicked with me.

Is there still a strong demand for this slash pairing? Was there any other pairing that grabbed your attention?

Oh, and before the movie, they showed a good preview of New Moon (the second Twilight book)! Now this made me squeal and it showed Jacob without a shirt *drool* Yeah, yeah, he’s a youngster still, but as a massage therapist, I have great respect for the male body. ;)

Now the Twilight books I HAVE read and thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite character is Jacob. I’m not a big Edward fan, but after reading the 3rd and 4th book, I could really see pairing Jake and Edward in some slash fictions – if I’d had the inclination.

Are there any pairings from recent/upcoming movies that make you drool?

I hope everyone has a great week.

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Keira Andrews said...

"Is there still a strong demand for this slash pairing?"

Definitely. I'd say Harry/Draco is the biggest HP slash fandom. I've always really enjoyed them (in fics where they're no longer children, of course!) because they're two sides of the same coin. I've always been a Draco redemptionista. Loved him in the latest movie!

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