Monday, July 13, 2009

Two new releases & a contest from Amanda Young!

2x3-hard-candy.jpgAmanda Young, best-selling author of gay fiction, brings you three tales of torrid love between men. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the stories...

Man Candy
Aaron Samuels has a secret. He's in love with his boss, Logan Remora. Logan is everything Aarons ever wanted in a man, except he's straight...and married.

Candy Man
After a night of catering to trick-or-treaters, Aaron's ready to kick back and unwind. But his lover's sweet tooth is about to derail his plans.

Eye Candy
Humiliated by his first love, Jake Remora has no intention of ever making himself vulnerable to that kind of pain again. Life is good, until Kane Sharp moves home and stirs up old memories Jake would rather forget.

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Disowned and cast out of his home, eighteen year old Declan Mayo turns to the only thing he can think of to help him get back on his feet. Working at the Chicken Ranch, a rural brothel that caters to women and gay men, seems like the perfect solution. He isn’t about to let a lack of sexual experience stop him from taking what he sees as a way off the streets.

Falling in love with one of his clients wasn’t in the game plan, but Declan can’t seem to help himself. Killian Hamilton is sweet and kind, with a stutter Declan can’t help but find adorable. Surely, if anyone could overlook Declan’s choice of employment, it would be a kindhearted man like Killian.

But Declan didn't figure on Killian’s connection to one of the brothel’s regular clients, and now his love life's about to blow up in his face.

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For those of you who're interested in entering to win a copy of Hard Candy, I'm giving away an autographed copy of the paperback through Goodreads. You can throw your name into the hat by visiting the link below...

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