Monday, July 6, 2009

Never Too Late coming soon

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July. My family and I spent nearly 12 hours without electricity (from 2:30am - 1:45pm)! No TV, computer, net, not even radio because my batteries were dead (but guess who went and bought more asap?). Sure, I was able to do some pleasure reading, but it was so humid and hot (no breeze) that it was miserable. Also both DH and I were feeling under the weather. So once we got the power thing taken care of, we just vegged at home and even went to bed early since neither of us slept much the night before (he uses a CPAP machine which doesn't work without electricity *grrr*).

But it's Monday, and the start of a new week. :) And a month until my next book, Never Too Late is released! So I thought I'd drop off a little excerpt.

Coming Aug. 4, 2009 to Loose-Id

After years of pleasuring others’ needs as an escort at Desires, Inc., Dakota Knight is finally ready to find a life he wants to live. That is, after one last request from his boss. He only has to fulfill thirty-six hours of submission and he’s free to find happiness, though he believes love is a four-letter word that isn’t for him.

Brice expected a weekend away with his best friend, Winter Chase. Instead he was led to a hidden playhouse containing a male escort bound and ready to please. Then he finds out that Winter hired him so that he could have a great first experience with a male lover.

Neither man expected lust to turn to love as Brice discovers many enjoyable firsts with Dakota, who in turn realizes that it’s never too late for love. Even for a man with a past like his.


Dakota rose from the bed and took Brice’s hand so he could lead him into the bathroom. He didn’t know why he’d disclosed information about his past. He hadn’t thought of Ava in years. Brice, he was discovering, was easy to talk to and didn’t appear to judge him for his career choice. How would it be to be with someone like that all the time? Someone who didn’t care about his past and the things he’d done, who’d just concentrate on the present and the future?

But he was dreaming if he thought he’d ever find someone like that to love him. As he’d told Brice, he’d gone down that path once before, and didn’t want to retrace those steps ever again. The image of Ava threatened to come forward full force, to remind Dakota of that tragic experience.

Pushing back the dismal thoughts that would accompany a trek down memory lane, Dakota started the shower.

“Stay here,” he ordered Brice, and retrieved the towels left out on the bed. Steam poured from the shower when he returned.

“You can go first.” Brice nodded toward the shower stall, and leaned back on the sink.

Dakota’s gaze wandered up and down that gorgeous young body, aching to nip at the tender skin. “It’s big enough for two, Brice.” A smile smoothed over his lips. “Besides, it’s my job to take care of my master, is it not?”

Brice rolled his eyes, a cute gesture that made Dakota want to kiss their edges.

Dakota stepped into the shower stall. “Your bath-boy awaits, Master.”

This made Brice laugh. Dakota was glad that he started to relax again. When they both stood in the shower, Dakota shut the door and dropped to his knees.

“Dakota, what are you doing?” Brice backed up until he was against the wall.

“Servicing my master.” Before Brice could protest, Dakota took him into his mouth.

“Heaven in a handbag,” Brice groaned, as his fingers dug into Dakota’s scalp.

Dakota silently chuckled at the expression while he began to show his lover how to really suck a dick. With a twirl of his tongue, Dakota flickered over that sensitive spot under the head that he’d found earlier, before relaxing his throat and taking the entire length in deep. He tried not to choke or show his reactions as his mind finally processed that he’d essentially called Brice master twice in the span of two minutes. Hadn’t he vowed not to address the younger man by that title when Winter departed? Jesus, he was really having some serious brainfart moments, and could feel his shields slipping further down.

It took very little time for Brice to thrust his hips in rhythm with Dakota’s sucking.

“No, don’t stop,” Brice pleaded when Dakota pulled away.

“You’re the most beautiful man whose cock I’ve ever had the pleasure to suck,” Dakota admitted truthfully, surprised at the words tumbling out of his mouth. No matter how many people he’d performed oral sex on, Brice was truly the sexiest being he’d come across. Since they were still playing the roles of master and slave, whether Brice believed the words or not was his prerogative.

Brice’s hands fisted in his hair. “Jesus, Dakota. Don’t stop.”

Dakota discovered one more thing he liked about Brice: the sound of his whimpers. How could he say no? With a groan, Dakota went back to pleasing his weekend lover.

His hand found Brice’s balls and gently massaged them until they grew taut and the dick in his mouth swelled larger. One finger slipped further back and found the tight hole that he craved to invade. Gently, Dakota caressed the puckered skin in tantalizing circles. Not penetrating, but teasing.

“I’m…oh fuck, Dakota. I’m going to come.”

Creating a tighter suction, Dakota pressed his finger slightly into Brice’s asshole. The next moment, he was swallowing cum shooting into the back of his throat like a water gun. He couldn’t stop the moan of desire that rumbled his throat. Nothing tasted as good as the results a job well done.

Slowly standing up, Dakota took the bar of soap in hand and started to clean Brice’s limp, barely standing body.

“You’re amazing.”

Dakota shook his head, but stopped before the words he’d said a thousand times before fell out of his mouth. Brice deserved better than the automatic “No, you’re the amazing one,” even if this was the one time when it was true. Instead, he kept silent and leaned forward, kissing Brice lightly on the cheek before going back to sudsing his body.

He made quick work of cleaning Brice and then himself. After drying off, they changed the bed sheets and lay together side by side. Several minutes went by in silence. It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, but Dakota found he still wanted to learn more about Brice. He knew it wasn’t smart to get involved. In fact, it was idiotic. They had no future together. Once he left this warehouse, Brice would become just another client from his past. But until then, he could indulge in one last fantasy, couldn’t he?

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