Sunday, July 26, 2009


So I'm working on my latest book. The second in the Mother Earth series, follow-up to Dragon's Kiss. It started out all right. Dragon gutted a bad guy in the first sentence *g* But of course it couldn't last. I got distracted like I always do, and let Pretty Shiny Things lure me away from all the hard work I need to do on this thing.

My current list of distractions:

- Facebook. I have an author page (and a fan page), but it's my personal page, under my real name, that's keeping me busy right now. Stupid Facebook quizzes.

- Twitter. It is sweet, sweet Evil in bite-size pieces. Sneaks up on you and sabotages your diet before you know what's happened. Kind of like M&Ms.

- Draco. OMG, y'all. Tom Felton has grown up puuuuuurty. I have become quite fond of this photo here (scroll down). What can I say, bloody, bare-chested Draco does it for me O_O

- iTunes. Setting up a playlist for the new book. That wasted a couple of hours. And why, I ask you? Because I just have to set the right mood with music before I can write. Sigh.

- Attempting to think up a name for the book. I don't know if this counts as procrastination or not, but I'm gonna call it that since I did, in fact, use it as an excuse to actually avoid writing today. And I didn't even come up with a name! Dammit <_<

- Tee Vee. Ghost Hunters. DVDs. Good grief. Whoever invented the television clearly did not want me to get ANYTHING done ever. Bastid.

Well, that's what is keeping me from getting MY work done (and it has nothing as all to do with me being weak, unorganized and utterly lacking in willpower). Please tell me I'm not alone. Y'all get distracted by the Shinies in life too, right?? Music, books, TV, pretty boys/girls/both, power tools, cars, action figures? Right???


JenB said...

Twitter, book/tea blogs, and TV are my kryptonite. And with work sucking muchly of late, I welcome every distraction.

If I were trying to write, though, I can see how it would be problematic.

Amie said...

I call these moments "butterflies" as in, I'm working on a huge spreadsheet for the dreaded job... Look, butterflies! a.k.a Tinfoil (When you are distracted by something shiny and more interesting.) For me, I can be distracted by lint.

Sarah said...

Tom Felton. I feel so bad following him. SUCH a dirty old lady, so I unfollowed. O-o

Twitter is like crack and I must stay away from it or all I do is start sharing utter twaddle like where I am going to lunch. Like anyone cares!

TV for me is a current Weeds fixation. I am everything Nancy Botwin at the moment.

Get back to that writing desk young lady *shakes fist* needing more stories please!

Minnie said...

I'm the queen of procrasturbation (so stealing that term, btw). I'm very much like Doug from Up "SQUIRREL!"

Distractions lately:

1. Twitter - as you well know as I distract you all the time! LOL
2. Facebook - OMG Quizzes are like crack!
3. iTunes - yes, I too need the right playlist for just about everything and anything I do. I'm pathetic like this.

I'm sure there are more, like pics from the HP movies, yummy gay website photo updates, and now Yeah... I'm one procrasturbating fiend!

Ally Blue said...

JenB, sorry to hear your work is sucking. I feel for you. The EDJ sucks big, fat, hairy donkey balls <_< And YES, blogs, TV, etc take our minds off the suckage, don't they? When I was in high school I could do homework and watch TV at the same time. Now? Not so much. Dangit.

Amie, OMG, butterflies! I like that. LOL. Very descriptive :D

Sarah, heh, I KNOW I'm being a dirty old lady. But I can't help it. I followed him anyway. Soooo pretty.
I'm working on the book, I promise! LOL

Minnie, LOL, I wish I could claim to have invented procrasturbation. But I cannot. I'm not even sure where it came from. I just use it a lot *g*

Speaking of which... must check Twitter again... and Facebook... and greet the new member of my Yahoo group... and see if there are any new chapters of any of the H/D fanfics I've been following... then I should probably write some O_O

Tam said...

I'm the easiest to distract. Facebook, ANYTHING on the internet, vacation. :-) That's what's distracting me right now from sewing feathers on a Barbie peignoir. Yes, you read it right. So instead of doing that I'm typing here. See how it works? I can read, surf the net and watch TV at the same time (more or less) that usually keeps me from doing anything the least bit productive. It should be an Olympic sport, I'd medal every time and make my family and country proud.

Ally Blue said...

And the gold medal goes to...

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