Thursday, July 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

So, unsurprisingly, I flaked on JulNoWrimo. I was sooo stoked too. But there ya go. Once again, I'm forced to accept that my prolific-ness (if that is even a word), is going to suffer until I'm done with school.

Bleh, it's high school over again. Everyone all together now: SHUDDER!

Anyway, that doesn't mean I'm not plotting. I'm just sort of a rabbit, hopping from plot to plot, WIP to WIP...Sigh. Ah, enough of the morbidity. I have to make this short because I was reading one of my On Hold WIPs and it's snared me. Yeah, I know, what the hell is this, Z? We want something to read!

Well all right, you bossy things :) I suppose I can tell you that I had a story accepted a little while back. Gracious me, I hope I didn't tell ya'll that last time. I'm a terrible space cadet of a person sometimes. Really. I'm in orbit, somewhere around Uranus.

Oh laugh. You know you want to.

Anyway, the story is called Pain Management which I wrote with my lovely co-partner, Cassidy Ryan and while I don't have an date or a cover, yada yada, I'm excited. It's with Red Rose Publishing and trust me when I say that I'm done collecting publishers for a while.

I hope.

Because boy, would I really like to pub something to Samhain or Liquid Silver or OOH, MLR...okay, no, I'm stopping. I have an addiction to new publishers, I admit it. There's a thrill, a sick, sick thrill, that hits me whenever I get accepted into a new place.

I swear, when I'm done with school, I'm going to work on building backlists. I swear ya'll. And maybe a Yahoo group. I had one but then I kinda...predictably spaced. Or got swamped in writing. Probably Options A and B. Okay, ramble over! Gotta go and mess with that WIP while its still in my head.

Or K.A. Mitchell's Collison Course again. Whichever comes first. *dimpled smile* Bye ya'll!


Unknown said...

I can relate Zoe with the WIP hopping. I thought that with the summer, I'd be able to sit down and actually get work done. WRONG! I've played taxi for mom in law dr appts and a variet of other things that it's been really hard to focus on "work". And now, school (which it looks like I'll homeschool again this year) is just around the corner :( Maybe one day I'll get back into the groove. *sigh*

Zoe Nichols said...

Those "one day" thoughts just kill ya, don't they?

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