Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moon Landings and Space Operas

Amidst the edits and pulling together marketing materials for my new book, Client Privileges (available in September from Torquere Press), I've been revisiting my sci-fi past and working on a space opera novella--m/m, of course. I finished putting the final touches on the manuscript yesterday. Appropriately timed, really, since yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the first Moon Landing. Woo-hoo! We celebrated at my house by watching the ep "Spider" from the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon.

Amongst all my other geekdoms, I'm a bit of a space geek. Always have been. Not really hard core, but I love the idea of going to the moon and coming home again safely. (None of that Space 1999 stuff, thanks. Much as I loved that show, I don't want the moon getting blasted out of orbit whether I'm on it or not.) I grew up watching Star Trek and Space 1999 and Doctor Who. Of course nowadays I'm grooving on Torchwood. (Finally, some juicy m/m goodness in a fantastic sci-fi series! This is where ST has been and remains made of fail.) And let's face it, guys in spacesuits are sexy! Don't you think? There's just something about that big puffy suit with all the dials and hoses and ring connectors. *sigh* ::looks around:: Come on. You know I'm not alone here. And who wouldn't want to try sex in Zero-G? Am I right? You know I'm right.

Anywho, whether you find astronauts sexy or not (Come on! The original guys were usually jet pilots! Muscle-bound hotshots who also has to be smart as hell!), here's a shot of the first moon landing before I have to dive back into writing the pitch materials for my space opera.

Happy day-after Moon Landing Day!

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