Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jeans or suits?

Wow, my turn to blog already? Those two weeks go by quick, I tell you. Happy Sunday! Today I'm heading down south a bit to visit the San Diego Zoo and marvel over their new elephant exhibit. I love me some elephants.

I've actually just returned from a vacation to the east coast where I spent a very lovely week with my BFF in our nation's capital. We happened to stay in an area with many young college students, and I was forced to admit to myself yet again that college boys never lose their appeal for me. Young and casual with backpacks slung over their shoulders and jeans low on their hips, they were everywhere I looked. AMAZING.

Also present were the sharp-dressed businessmen, carrying briefcases and hailing cabs and checking their Blackberrys or iPhones. They were all rushing off to important meetings, stopping only to grab a Starbucks latte or send a text message. I never tired of watching them stride along the sidewalk.

SO. College boys and businessmen, I saw lots of both. I can't decide which I prefer. Do I have to pick?


Amie said...

How can you pick just one? So many moods, so many different kinds of eye candy. Yum!

K.A. Mitchell said...

I don't know about picking, but I was in DC this past week and saw someone reading on her Sony. I asked her what she was reading and she said "Tory Temple." :D

Tory Temple said...

Amie, I'm with you. :D That's the great thing, I suppose. It's acceptable to like them ALL.

KA, omg! I just got all big-eyed and smiley. Thank you for passing that on! :)

vintegejeans said...

I'd go for jeans anytime. Even if I have to admit that businessmen have thirs charm too. You don't have to decide now, you cand go with both.

Tory Temple said...

vintegejeans, I can see by your username why you'd go for the jeans first. ;) but you're right, they both have their charms!

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