Monday, October 26, 2009

Horror Movie Madness

Tory, please send some of that cooler weather down here to Florida. *fanning self* It’s still in the mid to upper 80s during the day and short weather at night (including the mosquitoes). Doesn’t feel like October at all and it looks like the heat is sticking around a little longer.

However, I ventured to Hawl-O-Scream (at Busch Gardens Tampa) – yes, despite all the scary, Halloween things I was still wearing shorts and sweating. I really felt for those in costume. The theme this year was The House of Vayne (vampire).

As soon as you entered the park, there was this model runway…models included. The guys *sigh* were very hot. I’ve gotta admit that I had to stop and watch the show several times in the night just because they change models.

However, I found the entire concept of the attraction creative. Ride some roller coasters in the dark and hit the haunted houses. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Yes, I've gone to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in the past, but they don't have the roller coasters like BG.

But I got to thinking as I was dragging my kids and their friend (literally as they made this chain and I was leading them through lol but that’s another story) through the DED Sorority House. You know, where all the Sorority girls torture the guys *evil laugh*. Anyway, I was thinking about all the scary movies I’ve watched through the years.

A lot really, and no it’s not because of my age *pfft*

But I’d noticed a change in what I watch in the last five years. Or rather why I watch certain movies. I find that I’m more likely to watch a horror movie if it’s got a cute guy. AND buy it when it comes out on DVD even if I don’t watch it a lot.

Examples…I’ve got House of Wax because of Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray. Speaking of Padalecki, who hasn’t seen the latest version of Friday the 13th because of him?? *drool* Because don’t you agree that Jason should have been chopped to pieces long ago-lol. Halloween H2O because it had Josh Hartnett. I especially went to see The Grudge because it had Jason Behr. Then there’s Brendan Fehr who was in Christina’s House (ok, he looked dorky there with his spiked hair) and co-starred with Kerr Smith in The Forsaken. Paul Walker was in Joy Ride. Justin Long (the Mac guy) was in Jeepers Creepers. And let’s not forget my favorite…The Lost Boys. Okay, it wasn’t a really scary horror movie, but I was 14 when it came out and was crushing on Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and Jason Patric.

Now that was just a few examples of horror movies I watched because of hotties starring in them. Don’t get me started on regular movies. *sigh*

So what movies – horror or otherwise - do you make a point seeing just because of the starring men?

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Hales said...

Man I got House of Wax too for CMM yummy. Jareds hot too.

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