Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Comfort is out in Print!

Hot Comfort is out in print! This print anthology contains stories by Kimberly Gardner, Jet Mykles and Luisa Prieto as well as two stories by me! I'm very excited because it's my first print fiction release :)

You can order Hot Comforts from:
Barnes & Noble

You can read more about all the stories on the ManloveRomance Press website.

Erotic chocolatier Brandon makes all sorts of tempting and tasty creations that celebrate love and sex. Too bad he’s given up on finding love for himself after his last lover told him he wasn’t worthy of a real relationship just before he dumped him.

When David picks up an order of chocolates for his best friend’s wedding, he wonders if the muscular, tattooed Brandon will taste sweet or bittersweet… After David finds out that Brandon is gay, he needs to step up and let the sexy chocolatier know he’s interested, but can he screw up the courage to do it?

Read an excerpt of Bittersweet on my website.

Giving Thanks
It’s another Thanksgiving for lovers Derek and Troy. Another holiday to pretend they are merely platonic roommates in the chaos of Derek’s family celebration. When Derek snaps after one too many confrontations and admits he’s gay, his father disowns him on the spot. It’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving…or is it?

Read an excerpt of Giving Thanks on my website.

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