Friday, October 16, 2009

Art stuff

Earlier today, I blogged on my LJ about doing yoga as a way to help stay fit and clear the mind. It's been an interesting experience so far, and I really like it--especially since I spend more hours than I know are healthy either at the computer or at the drawing table. But I'm really happy and stoked with the projects I've been working on, so I can't complain on that front! :)

Some time in December, I'm thinking of doing a whole series of male nudes in pencil or Conté on toned papers (I know--traditional media! *gasp*), but it's hard (no pun intended, oh wait...) to find models willing to sit for three-hour sessions with no clothes on (for what I can afford to pay them, anyways). So! I'm on the lookout for freebie resources online where kind, generous models have taken photos of themselves for artists to use in figure studies. Deviant Art has been a great place to dig up some beautiful imagery so far. Woohoo! If anyone spots something somewhere on their travels through the World Wide Web that might be helpful, please let me know! I'd be much obliged. :)

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