Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Now a Word from Someone Else

First of all, I got to apologize for Dr. Kim not answering any of your comments from last time. He’s pissed enough about the whole exposure thing, but that ain’t the way I was raised, so I can promise you I won’t be like that.

I guess I should introduce myself. What with Kim sucking up all available attention--which is how he likes it, much as he bitches about it--y’all haven’t met me yet. I’m Shane, the big dork Jay mentioned. Yeah, I call him Jay, and yeah it pisses him off. I ain’t as pissed at K.A. as Jay is, though I’ve been blowing him for three pages and my jaw is killing me. Could you finish that scene sometime today, sugar? Thanks.

Yeah, we got left literally at sea for awhile, but it was okay, because it gave me a chance to get to know Jay. He’s a hell of a lot more than he wants to let on, and figuring him out is getting to be an itch under my skin. Every time I think I’ve got it scratched, I’m wanting more. And I don’t just mean the sex, which is by the way pretty damn-I’m-having-a-spiritual-moment-here incredible. I want more of him. More of figuring him out, seeing him suddenly come out with shit he never meant to say. (Damn if that isn’t a rip when his eye brows shoot straight up to his hairline, like he’s trying to stare down his own lips for daring to spit that out.)

If it hadn’t been for that time at sea, I could have just chalked it up as one good time out of--well, out of a whole bunch of good times--if a bit more intense. But everything that happened out there has got me thinking, almost wishing that I wasn’t as much of a fuck up as I know I am. Wishing I’d finally figure out what I supposed to do with my life. He’s so damned sure of everything it makes me a little nervous sometimes, to tell you the truth, not that I’d let on in front of him, mind. I do know one thing, though.

Jay might be a smart son of a bitch but there’s one thing he doesn’t know. So am I.


sylvan65 said...

Well, hello Shane!
I must say it is an honor to meet you, the man who bag's JSK!

As a huge fan of KA, I will also say, please don't be discouraged with the three day bj's and such.... it end's up being fantastic reading.
We all know artists suffer for their work...... :)

So, while I patiently await your story, I will re-read the other two. (No hardship there)


Louisa Edwards said...

You are KILLING ME here. I want this book so badly, I could scream. When is it coming out??

K.A. Mitchell said...

Hi, Sylvan!

I ain't exactly made up my mind about whether I want to bag him. But I ain't exactly against it. I have this problem with staying faithful, though. Kind of a life's too short thing?

And you were right. That scene was totally worth it.


K.A. Mitchell said...

Hey Louisa,

K.A. says the book's comin' out on April 20 and that you'd understand about how the whole publishing thing works kinda slow. I hope we don't disappoint y'all.


Eco Minimalist said...

*I have this problem with staying faithful, though.*

Don't cheat on Dr. Kim, Shane! *cry*

Worried fan here!

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