Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Halloween!

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. I start pulling stuff out of the basement and deciding what theme to use this year (yes I have enough boxed decorations I can theme). Most of Halloween tends to be geared towards kids. Remember one of the best things, is label the food. You’re guests will love it.

I’d start off with Bloody Brain Shooters. You cannot go wrong with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Strawberry Vodka. Or perhaps some Bayou Slime (think somewhere between a Mojito and a Pink Lady) is more your taste. Then there’s always Black Martinis (Vodka martini’s made with Blavod, a black vodka) or Vampires Kisses (vodka, champagne and chambord).

Hors d'oeuvres for the over 16 crowd could be Deviled Eggs – I usually garnish them with a pimento filled olive, cut in half. Stick it in the center of the egg yolk mixture with the cut side of the olive up. Looks just like an eye-ball. Next is Brain Dip, which works much better if you have a Brain Jello Mold. Basically, it’s a “dump” recipe -- dump one can of cream of mushroom soup in a pan and start heating it up. Dump on bar of cream cheese in and stir it around until it melts, dump one packet of Knox unflavored gelatin in the mix (I recommend doing this when everything is lukewarm so the gelatin doesn’t glob up), dump either one large can of drained salmon or two cans drained tuna or about a pound and a half of chopped up shrimp into the pan. Turn off the heat, make sure its all mixed well and dump it in the mold. Refrigerate and serve with crackers.

For entrees I’m a big fan of ordering out or buying Costco party bags of frozen – finger food always works best for parties. I’ve done maggots and trash (order a party plate of Chow-Mein and white rice), bat-wings (hot wings), snake sandwich (party sized sub, cut into sections and then arranged so it undulates across the platter and toothpick two olives to one end for the head), cocoons (Japanese/Chinese dumplings).

Now treats, beyond the cookies and brownies... my favorite show stopper is Kitty Litter Cake. Buy a brand new small cat litter pan and a brand new kitty pooper scooper. Two 8” round spice cakes crumbled up, butterscotch pudding (about two boxes of Jello brand) a few handfuls of some kind of green cookies (you can dye ‘nilla wafers with food coloring). Mix that all together in the pan. 2-3 really large tootsie rolls, heat them in the microwave just until they’re soft (maybe 10-20 seconds), and then stretch them a little so they look like cat poop. Toss them in the pan. Disgusting looking but it’s also a great tasting cake.

So don't let the kids have all the fun.


Cat Grant said...

Geez, I don't know whether to go, "Mmmm!" or puke. Which I suppose is kind of the point. :)

But the Vampire Kisses drink sounds deelish! I'll have to give it a try.

James Buchanan said...

yep, pretty much the whole point of Halloween...or eat junk until you puke, which is usually how the spawn do it.

Tam said...

I made roasted rats one year. You make giant meatballs (mini meatloaves? depending on the size of your preferred rat or mouse) and you shape it round at one end and pointed at the other (kind of like a tear drop). Then you make some carrot wedges and stick them on for ears and a couple of black beans for eyes. Bake in the oven and serve on a platter with some cooked spaghetti tucked under his butt like a tail. They were quite yummy.

Black beans work well in beetle/fly salad. Just sprinkle them around.

I've always wanted to try the kitty litter cake but I'm always a bit nervous that I'll have a gag attack even if I made it myself.

James Buchanan said...

Maybe I'll do the rats for halloween dinner. Although, KenDoll might freak about Nibbles.

But it's sooooo good. it really is.

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