Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coming Soon: Just a Game

Oh, lookie, its my day. Well, for once I'm prepared. Got a short story coming from Cobblestone in November. So, I brought the sexy cover for y'all to ogle and a snip.

Enjoy :)

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“What’s so wrong with getting a flight tomorrow again?” There was a quiet...something in Sid’s voice that made Charlie’s spine shudder.

Charlie thumped his head against the glass and almost jumped out of his skin when lightning zigzagged across the sky, illuminating the gray world outside. “Shit,” he hissed, blinking away the edge of white dancing around his vision. “I just have a schedule.” Charlie tossed the words in Sid’s general direction. “We handle the surfboard people out here, get home tonight, and then start wearing down that ditzy heiress-turned-fashion designer tomorrow.”

Charlie didn’t need to see Sid’s face to know his mouth had twisted in that familiar smirk.

Sid’s voice rang with barely leashed mockery. “For someone who makes a living pulling ideas out of his ass, you’re awfully worried about something so easily adjusted.”

Charlie’s shoulders went tight no matter how hard he tried to keep them from doing so. “Don’t do this, Sid.”

“Don’t do what?”

The sound of feet thumping carpet should not have been so loud. Charlie stared hard out the window as Sid’s heat eased closer. This time, he didn’t jump when lightning flashed, but that could have been because Sid’s mouth was dangerously close to his ear and Charlie had gone blind to the chaos outside. Instead, he watched Sid’s reflection close in. The room’s light threw them into a slight shadow, but he knew that face well enough without illumination.

“Don’t follow your little rules anymore? This self-imposed fucking distance? Guess what, Charlie boy. You can’t run away in a hotel room.” There was a nasty smile wrapped in Sid’s words as he drove in the fact that Charlie had been so desperate to ignore. “You can’t run away at all anymore.”



JenB said...

This book is yummy. *licks*

Zoe Nichols said...

It is, it is. *pets it*

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