Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's finally getting a bit colder here in southern California. Well, at night, anyway. Our daytime temps are still in the 70-80F range. But nighttime is chilly enough to warrant a hoodie and jeans. That's cold for California, okay? Everything's relative. ;)

Hope everyone has secured their favorite Halloween candy by now. Raise your hand if you've opened it. *raises hand* Hey, it's a tradition in my house to eat almost a whole bag of it before the actual holiday and then have to run out to buy more. I can't resist those Reese's once they're in my kitchen.

My favorite scene of the week happened on Friday night while I was at Knott's Scary Farm with a group of friends. (And the answer is yes, I am definitely getting too old to be scared out of my wits for a solid six hours.) So we were taking a much-needed break and getting something to eat, when lo and behold a very attractive young man straddled his male partner and began kissing him at the table next to us. Considering this is a conservative area and thus an uncommon sight, I had a moment of "aw" and then kept eating my nachos, but when there was silence around the table, I looked up again. My friend to my right whispered, "Is that two guys?" And I smiled and said yes. She watched in awe for a few minutes while I polished off my food. (Do not waste cheese, ever.) The boys finished smooching and then got up together to rejoin the crowd.

"Wow," my friend said. "I mean. I don't think I've ever seen that in public."

"Yeah, too bad," I shrugged. "It's fun to look at. But I'm guessing they probably get a hard time for it wherever they go."

She nodded slowly and was thoughtful for a while. "Yeah," she echoed. "Too bad."

I counted it as a win. If only more people thought about the power of boys kissing, there might be a few less weapons of mass destruction in the world.

Happy end of October!


Keira Andrews said...

Perhaps your friend is ready to read one of your books? :D

I ate a bag of Crispy Crunch on Wednesday. Oh, and mini Reese's on Sunday. Halloween usually lasts two weeks for me!

Tory Temple said...

I noticed today that my husband tore into the bag of Milk Duds, so apparently I'm not alone.

I think my friend needs a little more time to think about boys rubbing together before she reads about it. :D

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