Thursday, October 8, 2009


No. I'm not talking about sports. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not much for sports (unless it's the Iron Bowl--big thing here in the South--college football).

No, no. I'm talking about those evil curveballs that characters throw at you when you aren't looking. The ones that hit so hard, you're left dazed and utterly confused. And ready to kill them.

So, here I was today, thinking about Bad Blood (Blood & Fire 3) and Gabriel Walsh, Julian's vampire friend who makes his debut in Blood Curse in a couple weeks, decided to rewrite things a bit. His past, to be specific. And when I say rewrite... I mean REWRITE!!!

To the point where I had to email my editor and ask "since you've read the first two books... do you think this is even feasible???"

Normally, I'd threaten to kill a character who did this. But it's kinda hard to kill a guy who, for all intents and purposes, was NEVER human to begin with... so he tells me NOW.

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