Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's Halloween!

Well, not yet. But Halloween is approaching! My favorite time of the year is actually summer, but I do like the month of October because of.... okay, the candy. The rows and rows of candy at the store make me happy. I've learned not to buy my trick or treat candy too early, however, because then of course I rip into it well before Halloween is even on the horizon. So I'm making myself wait until about ten days before.

One of the things I love about Halloween is how the theme parks in my area get involved. Knott's Berry Farm does their Halloween Haunt, which I managed to avoid for many years, but this year I've somehow been coerced into attending. Disneyland dresses the park up for Halloween Time. It's actually pretty cute, what with all the little pumpkins and characters in costume.

The other thing I love about Halloween is the costumes. People do get creative, don't they? There's something mysterious and sexy about dressing up as someone or something else for a night. Thought I'd give you all a glimpse of some of the more popular men's costumes this year. Happy haunting, everyone!


Anonymous said...

What's with the brown shoes on the guy in the kilt? I've got my red fireman's jacket ready to go for this halloween :)

Tory Temple said...

HA, very good question. I don't think these costume makers think things all the way through, LOL.

Mmmm, love me some firemen. :>

Maia Strong said...

I have long held that Halloween is the BEST holiday! And much of the reason for that is indeed the costumes. :-D

Tory Temple said...

Maia, you are so right on with that! People seem to LOVE dressing up!

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