Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ally, fashionably late...

Last time it was my turn to blog, I was in NYC, sans internet. Painful, that. Even worse, I was not able to brag about my latest release, which came out June 1st! Argh! So, here I am now (fashionably late, thus the title) to tell y'all about my shiny new story, Catching A Buzz. It's part of Samhain Publishing's summer-long Midsummer Night's Steam series of short stories.

Adam Holderman isn’t your typical twenty-something college boy. He prefers jazz to Goth, shuns body piercings and street-waif clothing, and despises the lack of vocabulary among his peers. Some call him uptight, but Adam doesn’t see it that way. Just because he prefers his men articulate and well-groomed doesn’t make him a stick-in-the-mud. He simply has standards, unlike most guys his age.

The new employee at Wild Waters Park, where Adam works, single-handedly throws a monkey wrench into Adam’s orderly world view. Buzz Stiles wears eyeliner and black clothes, listens to emo bands, and talks like a teenage skate punk. He’s the polar opposite of Adam’s avowed “type”. So why can’t Adam get him out of his head?

When Adam finally agrees to go out with Buzz, he finds there’s much more to Buzz than a hot body, a sharp wit, and a Goth fashion sense. Buzz is someone Adam can see himself being with for the long haul. But you need more than mind-melting sex to make a relationship last. Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to find out if they have what it takes?

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Lacey Savage said...

Oh, Ally, this sounds utterly delicious! I've been craving a new manlove read--something really hot and steamy. Sounds like this will fit the bill perfectly. :-)

Ally Blue said...

Cool! I'm always glad to be of service :D

I hope you like it! Thank you!

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