Saturday, June 2, 2007

Slash in Second Life

I'm probably not the only female vendor at the Gay Pride Festival in Second Life. And, I'll admit, with my notecard box (gives a text file that has information about my books and my writing), and my one M/M book, my booth feels like it's the emptiest. (the picture shows me standing there looking at my vendor space). But, I know eventually there will be more books there...and it's a fun place to have a presence.
So where are some interesting places where you've seen slash or m/m content? Have any great slashy places in Second Life you'd like to share?


Barbara Sheridan said...

Oh wow this half life thing seems so cool. Can you give more info on it?

Barbara Sheridan said...

Second Life not half life *smacks self in head*

Unknown said...

Me too. I don't think I've heard of it...More info Mary :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! If you are curious about second life, the best place to learn about it is in its website. They can tell you exactly how many people around the world are registered (I think it's 7 million people).
As you can imagine, having so many people available has open new marketing strategies. I am from a little island from Spain, and I know that the alternate island was rented for a political speech a few months ago due to local elections! And a bank contacted the same people who created this alternate island asking for an island for themselves! And paying! So, it seams that something that began as a game has become a great exposure place and can actually generate money!

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