Sunday, June 10, 2007


I love Joyfully Reviewed and look forward to their reviews. Sabella wrote a lovely review of Tongue Tied including "an incredibly entertaining read that will draw you in from the start" and "you might hurt yourself laughing". And I thank her very much, but I had a little giggle, myself, at this:

"Be warned that this has very little sex in it."

The sexual revolution has officially come full circle when a lack of sex requires a warning :). I do understand, really, I think it's a fair point. Readers who want hot 24-hour MM nookie may not be best pleased with my angst comedy lite, no matter how good I like to think it is. But what is a woman to do when her characters take a bit of time to get into the mood?

By the way. Buy the booooook, buy the booook, visit my blog. That is all....

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