Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just BEA Good!

Apologies for the short post. I'm still feeling the effects of an exhausting weekend at Book Expo with the Manloveromance.com crew. We had a nice booth on the ground floor of the Javits Center, and had a great time spreading the gospel of manlove to all the attendees. Word of mouth about the booth was great - people actually came up to us saying that they had to see our gorgeous banners and signage (I do have pic, yes, coming soon). Here's hoping we left a good impression.

From the Publisher's Deluxe newsletter, some Book Expo stats:

BEA by the Numbers
Estimated attendees: 36,000
Estimated book buyers: 9,000
Estimated Librarians: 4,000
Percentage increase in librarians from 2006: 100%
Average length of lines for the women's restroom on Friday: 12 people (HA!)
Increase in people in the Javits Center on Friday compared to the same day in 05: Over 2,000
Number of authors in attendance at BEA: 1262

That means 36K people could have seen our booth!

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