Friday, June 8, 2007


Folks seem to really be loving our ChildsPrey series from Loose-ID and we love writing about our big bad J-rock boys but the current one ties up the last of the unspoken for bandmembers. (Poor Kyoru got the short shrift by finding his true love "offscreen")

We do have plans for a bit more Jun & Koji that should be interesting and quite hot and we're a bit more than halfway done with a story that features CP's rival Miji from Toru's first band, Gothic DeSade. But after that there aren't too many more places to go with the least none that I can think of just now.

Of course all of our stories have ties to our Dragon's Disciple Universe, although they tend to have different tones.

So what do you guys think of series that seem to end quickly. It seems better than to prolong it and run the risk of becoming stale.

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veinglory said...

It seems to me that relationships remain interesting and continue to evolve with new challenges--so there is a limitless number of stories?

Anne Cain said...

That's great point, Em! And since every character has his/her special quirks, that plays a big role in the dynamics of their relationship. So there's always a different angle to explore, making for new stories. :D

jetmykles said...

I'm having the same issue with my Heaven Sent series. I don't want to mess with their HEA, but I hate to leave the bois behind. They've been so good to me. So I know where you're coming from.

Maybe, as Emily suggested, you can think of something that happens to your guys along the way that you can revisit them for.

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