Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sparking Slash

One of the most common questions writers receive is: where do you get your ideas? It's an often enough asked question, that most writers either shrug or go into an indepth response about the creative process. As a writer of slash, the question takes on another meaning.

I recently finished a M/M novella I hope to find a home for and the idea, supringly enough, came to me as I was watching television. As a horse owner, I watched (until Dish Network no longer carried it), RFD-TV. The farm channel. I watched the horse training programs, and on one such program a western rider put on the long coat (shadbelly) and top hat of a dressage rider. I watched this western rider in dressage clothes and something clicked. Aha!

Riding Partner, my M/M novel from Ellora's Cave features two Olympic show jumper riders. Having a book featuring a dressage and a reining rider falls along in the same themes.

So my idea came from television. I'm sure other writers will tell you they get their ideas in much the same fashion. A show, a comment, even a newspaper headline, something clicks, gives you a character or a plot, and the muse is off and running.

It's all about sparking the muse for slash.

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