Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Addition

The paranormal is a great twist :)
It's been ages since I've done this, but here's my little tidbit to add.


"Don't be shy," the man said to Jaxon and Brad as he ran his fingers through Luke's dark hair. "Join us."

Jaxon’s gaze darted from the now flesh and blood statue to Luke sucking greedily on the thick protruding cock, then back to the god like stranger. His erection throbbed and filled as far as his skin could stretch so it was nearly painful. He couldn’t stop his hips from pressing forward into Brad’s back, grinding into those tight cheeks.

“Are we hallucinating?” Brad’s voice was a whisper, mingling with the sweet slurping sounds coming from Jaxon. “Perhaps they put some sort of foreign drug into our food.”

“Who cares. Have you ever seen anything sexier?”

Brad chuckled. “Yeah, when you're down on your knees sucking me.”

Jaxon groaned. His hands slid over his lover’s chest until they cupped the hardened cock straining to break free from the material holding it captive. It was pleasing to know Brad felt that way.

The sexy stranger threw his head back and pumped his hips to Luke’s rhythm. “You only get one chance. It’s now or never.” His words were nearly groans, the sound exciting Jaxon even more than he thought was possible.

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