Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Round Robin...

Oh my! What a great story my cohorts are writing!
There's NO WAY I can keep up here. I've been in Chapel Hill with my daughter all weekend and am whupped, but I shall attempt a teeny bit for y'all :D

Jaxon grinned. Perhaps there was hope for him and Brad yet. Over the top of his lover's tousled brown hair he caught Luke's hungry stare. Perhaps, the menu served three...

"Hey, Luke," Jaxon said, tracing a fingertip up Brad's spine. "I heard if you lick the statue's cock, it'll come to life and grant you a wish."

Brad turned and gave him a stern look. "You didn't hear any such thing."

"Did too." Jaxon pressed against Brad's back, inhaling the scent of his sweat. "The maid told me."

Luke looked thoughtful. "Actually, the guy I talked to said something like that. I don't think you had to lick it though. Just touch it."

Jaxon grinned. "I dare you."

Luke's eyes went wide. "Who, me?"

"Yeah." Resting his head against Brad's, Jaxon gave Luke his best challenging stare. "Come on, Luke. What's the harm?"

Luke turned, giving the statue a considering look, and Jaxon knew he had him. Yes! His secret wish to be the meat in a Brad-and-Jaxon sandwich is about to come true!

"All right," Luke said. "You're on." He squared his shoulders, stepped over the useless little fence around the statue, and stalked toward it...

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