Saturday, July 7, 2007

What makes a man sexy?

Watching a man who normally is the intellectual, book-ish, dare I say Sci-fi geek type wield a circular saw, a drill, measure, and put up two very functional bookshelves is a major turn-on. At least to me. And no, the fact that I get to put my things on the bookshelves doesn't matter at all. He was just as sexy working on "his" book shelf as he was working on "mine."

So what makes a man sexy?

So many romances deal with seeing someone in a different light. Reunited lovers. Someone suddenly in the roll of protector who hadn't been in that role before. Strong men. Virile men.

And what is it about looking at the curve of a back as he's bent over his project, a studious look on his face, and knowing that when he attends to his lover, he looks just as determined, just as involved? Those hands that measure and mark with such precision apply that same exacting attention to detail as they play your body like a concert pianist. (oh and did I mention he knows how to play the piano too.)

I've come to the conclusion it's all in the little details as to what makes a man sexy. It's not just that he's tall, dark, and handsome, but it's the way his shirt stretches across those broad shoulders. The way his muscles move beneath his skin. The nuances of expression. And the way he takes command. Little things, that add up to a big want.

I have my bookshelves, and I can't deny a man with power tools... oh yeah, that's sexy!

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