Sunday, July 29, 2007

Luke, Jaxon, Brad, and the Statue: The Saga Continues...

Previously, on the famous Slah & Burn round robin:

Jaxon pressed his cheek against Brad's nearly-hairless chest. For long moments he waited there, listening to the pounding of Brad's heart, hearing the rasp of breath in and out of his lungs. Jaxon drew Brad's scent into his lungs. Heaven. If it existed surely it was filled with moments like these when they fit together perfectly, heart and soul.

He dropped to his knees, nuzzling along the arrow of hair that led to the waistband of Brad's pants. A flick of his fingers unfastened them. The zipper rasped loud in the public square. Against the cotton cloth of his boxers, Brad's cock surged forward, and Jaxon pressed his lips to it through the thin cloth. The organ leapt in response, as did Jaxon's cock, still confined in his jeans. Hands on Brad's hips, Jaxon angled them so he could turn and watch Luke sucking the former-statue's cock. His cheeks hollowed out, lashes fanned on his cheeks, Luke looked like a man bent on a mission, and unbidden, a moan rose from deep within Jaxon's chest.

"I like it that you get off on watching them," Brad whispered. "But I'd like it even more if you suck my cock the way Luke is sucking that statue." He curled his fingers into the back of Jaxon's head, and once more pulled his mouth toward his tented boxers.

And now, today's episode (very short, since it's late and my brain don't work good right now):

Yanking Brad's boxers down to his knees, Jaxon opened his mouth and swallowed Brad's cock as deep as he could. Above him, Brad moaned, fingers clenching in Jaxon's hair. Jaxon echoed him. This was what he'd wanted when they booked this trip. The way Brad kneaded his scalp, the noises he made, the head-spinning taste and smell of Brad's excitement.

Jaxon had wanted the passion back. Seemed like he'd gotten his wish.

Beside him, the god let out a low growl. "Mmm. Beautiful. Wouldn't you agree, Luke?"

Jaxon glanced sideways, bending to suck Brad's balls. Luke was staring at them, the god's prick still sliding in and out of his mouth in a slow, steady rhythm. The fire in his eyes made Jaxon's crotch ache. God, what he wouldn't give for Luke to pull his shorts down and fuck his ass while Brad fucked his mouth.

"Luke," the god breathed, running a hand through Luke's hair. "Your friends have a wish only you can fulfill. I think you know what it is. What remains to be seen is, will you grant them their wish?"

Letting the god's heavy prick slip out of his mouth, Luke sat back on his heels and watched Jaxon deep-throat Brad's cock. His eyes followed the slide of Jaxon's lips up and down Brad's shaft, the flick of his tongue over the head when he pulled back.

When Luke dropped to all fours and crawled like a cat toward them, the only thing keeping Jaxon from whooping in victory was Brad's prick still buried in his throat.

To be continued...

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