Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Round Robin Continues...

Yay, it’s my turn. I love what everyone has written so far, and hope y’all enjoy my addition.

(Mandi’s final paragraph…)Luke shrugged and winked. “No more germy than sucking a real cock. Want me to give you a demonstration of that?”

“Don’t offer if you’re not willing to deliver.”

Jaxon’s tone was teasing, but his body went tense where it pressed into Brad's back. God, the verbal foreplay was making him hot. Not to mention what the hard ridge pressed against his ass was doing to him. Scorching!

This is why he’d agreed to the trip. He wanted the chance to rekindle his sex life with Jaxon, and the sparks were definitely starting to fly now. Still, Brad wasn’t sure if Luke was serious or merely playing. And yet the idea of having both Jaxon and Luke made his own cock sit up and beg for attention. While he had reservations about sharing Jaxon, maybe Luke was exactly what they needed.

“You’re the one who licked it, Luke. Should be your wish being granted, not Jaxon’s fantasy.” Brad wondered if his voice sounded deeper and sexier to anyone else or if it was his imagination.

Luke studied his expression and Brad’s whole body began to tingle under the intense scrutiny. The other man gave him a slow once over as Jaxon’s hands slid from his waist, gliding over his chest to tease his pebbled nipples.

“What if that was my wish?”

Luke took a step closer, and Brad’s heart began to pound against his ribs.

“Would you let me suck Jaxon’s cum down my throat?”

Another taunt, another step. Luke was killing him. Brad noticed a fine sheen of sweat coated Luke’s bronzed flesh. His mouth watered for a taste. He imagined sliding his tongue across all those hard planes and sharp angles.

“And what if I wanted you pounding into my ass at the same time?”

Hell yes! The idea sounded like heaven, and oh the visuals his mind was busy creating.

Luke stood just out of reach, but close enough Brad could smell his rich masculine scent. It made Brad think of spicy exotic seasonings, and long nights of fucking. He wasn’t able to suppress a deep moan.

With his hands on his narrow hips, Luke’s fingers framed the impressive bulge in his pants. Brad licked his dry lips. If Jaxon’s fingers clenching reflexively into his pecs was any indication, his lover was just as turned on.

“What about it? Would you grant my wish?”

*rubbing hands together* Whose next? I can't wait to read more.

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