Friday, July 20, 2007

The Round Robin

What can I say, my life is like the Twilight Zone I had to go paranormal. :P

* * * * * * *

"I can grant all of your wishes."

Luke shuddered as the deep softly accented voice came from behind and washed over him like the waves on the beach. He looked to his friends. Brad and Jaxon both stood stock still their eyes wide their mouths agape. They'd heard it too and he had the distinct feeling they were seeing the owner of the voice as well.

Swallowing hard Luke slowly turned and found hs own jaw dropping. The statue was gone and in it's place was a gorgeous god of a man. A man whose full attention was upon him. "Why not finish what you started, hmmm?" the man said with a wicked grin.

Again Luke swallowed and forced his gaze from the man's perfect handsome face. His body was muscular but not musclebound. His skin was pale and had a most unusual sheen to it. His flesh and blood abs were as chiseled as the statue version had been and his cock. Well. It wasn't quite the monster it had been a moment ago but it was long and thick and stood out from from a thatch of dark coarse curls. The man pumped his hand along the rigid shaft, once, twice, a third time, each movement slow and calculating and when a drop of pearly pre-cum appeared Luke fell to his knees and licked it away with a leisurely flick of his tongue.

"Don't be shy," the man said to Jaxon and Brad as he ran his fingers through Luke's dark hair. "Join us."

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Gina Marina said...

This is so hot. Will you continue it?

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