Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I'm Reading Now

Call it blatant nepotism if you will, but I can't let my post day go by without mentioning how much I enjoyed the latest of the Phaze Fantasies collections. I had a story featured in Volume 1 (not M/M, but there are hints of it going on in a few scenes), but Volume 3 is all M/M by some Phaze favorites, names you may know.

Honestly, it's an incredible collection, the largest of the Fantasies yet - close to 150K of no holds barred manlove. My favorites especially are:

James Buchanan's Mask, a mystic tale of forbidden love and deception set in Mexico, with a surprising ending you have to read for yourself. If you like James' cowboy stories, you're going to like this one (can't wait for Twice the Ride later this year).

Eliza Gayle's Dragon's Fate, a sort-of followup to Taken By Tarot. A dragon must take submissive lessons from a dominant Fae. Hot BDSM lovin'. Mmmmmmmm.

Of course, the rest of the book is great as well. Jamie Hill's Heads or Tails is a sweet contemporary about a man trying to figure out his preferences, Selah March's Hardcore is a gritty tale of witness protection (the kind you don't see on TV), Jade Falconer's Devotion is a loving historic fantasy of a rich man's desire to keep his slave bound by love and not obligation, and Yeva Wiest's Behind the Beard is just a plain hoot - a Regency tale of (naughty) manners.

From what I hear, too, Phaze may have to call for a second volume of manlove, as popular as this one is.

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Unknown said...

I loved Dragon's Fate, Heads or Tails, and most definately Hardcore. Those three were my favorite.:D But the entire book was well written

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