Sunday, July 8, 2007

One for the authors...

I invite you all to post the last two paragraphs that you wrote.

Kell put his palm flat on Arin’s chest and pushed him away. His fingers curled with slight, lingering reluctance on the coarse material of Arin’s jacket. “Watch out for that Cel-tech guy. He’s even more dangerous than you think. Don’t leave him alone anywhere on the station.”

He turned away and walked to his ship, slapped the dock panel and stepped inside without looking back.

The plot I want to write is possibly not good for romance. Kell goes to try and deal with the villain, Shipley, but is effectively killed and returns in an unfamilair alien form. What will romance readers make of a relationship where one of the partners doesn't know 1) it's the same guy and 2) he's now more than 50% alien with a serious agenda... hmmm.

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