Friday, July 13, 2007

Continuing with the previous teaser

Jesus Christ, it was biggest he'd ever seen. In circumfrence and length. Jaxon scooted backward from the postion he'd landed in, on his butt, kicking dirt and rocks as he tried to get a better, to get away. That's what he was doing, fighting to get away from the thing. It would tear him in half if he let it anywhere near his body. Smooth and hard, it curved slightly upward and made Jaxon swallow with it's impressive nature.

"Damn," Luke Hillhouse said as he looked up at the thing that had sent his acquaintance Jaxon into such a spazz. Luke, peered over the tops of his sunglasses, his dark gaze gliding up and down the ancient monument before them. "The guy at the hotel said this statue was based on a living god. He said it dated from before the pyramids. Of course they have no proof and the locals won't let them do testing, but that's the legend. " Luke peered over the glasses again to Jaxon wo as still on his ass staring. "I wonder what the goddesses looked like. "

"I thought you were gay," Jaxon shot back. "Isn't that the whole point of Castro Travel? To give the GLBTQA community a friendly environment to travel under?"

Luke shrugged his well muscled shoulders and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his snug denim cut-offs. "Gay, straight, who needs labels?" Jaxon's stare was hard and accusing. "Fine," Luke said tersely. "Consider me part of the Q & A aspect--Questioning and Allied, okay?"

Before Jaxon could respond another man approached. "I wondered where you wandered off to."

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