Thursday, August 30, 2007

Howdy, folks!

New member of the Slash & Burn family here. :)

Most folks here actually know me, but just in case... I write gay fiction as Mychael Black. My publishers include: Lady Aibell, Phaze, Torquere, Samhain, and Freya's Bower (as Kay Derwydd). A lot of my work is co-written with Shayne Carmichael.

Anyhoo, so I'm here today to chat, etc. Feel free to comment, ask me questions, whatever you want!

My latest release is from Torquere Press. It's the 1st story in a Chaser series. Hearth & Home: Well Laid Plans continues where my Single Shot, "Going Home," left off. It stars Robbie and Seth, my tattoo artist and his cowboy, and more familiar faces from "Going Home."

I'll post an excerpt later, but for now... Here's a little tidbit. Wanna see where the story takes place?

Athens, Alabama. A tiny town (though I'm sure it's growing at this point) in north Alabama. I lived here for several years. Here's the town's website.

So, got any questions for me today?



Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to see you here!

Liz said...

Howdy, and thanks! :D

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