Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little bit of Robbie & Seth...

Mychael Black's Robbie and Seth are back! The boys from Going Home are happy working on Robbie's uncle's ranch. Their relationship is going great and they're in love.

When Robbie's brother beats his pregnant girlfriend Kristy up badly enough that she ends up in hospital and then takes off, Robbie's mom, Seth and Robbie gather round, convincing her that they're her family now, and that they can help. Between that and Robbie's ex, who shows up to work at the ranch, the boys have a lot to deal with. Can they keep their home on solid ground?


An Excerpt:

“You realize a hay fort is the last thing on my mind now,” Robbie muttered under his breath. Looking up, he stared into too-green eyes.

“Gives ya somethin’ to look forward to come quittin’ time, baby.” Seth’s grin was wicked as he turned around, heading to the fort.

Robbie watched that sweet as fuck, denim-encased ass saunter away and he had to cross his legs to hide the terminal hard-on.

“Watch the Master,” Seth announced. Grunting, he lifted another bale and set it down on top of one of the others.

Fifteen minutes and countless bales later, a huge fort dominated the ground floor of the barn. In height, it was one bale taller than Seth -- well over six feet -- and it completely circled Ty and Jack, both of whom stood slack-jawed and staring. The walls were two bales wide and gave them both plenty of room to move around in.

“Well, I’ll be damn,” Ty said, scratching his head. “Guess he was right: tall, long, and thick.”

Jack smacked the back of Ty’s head. “Well, duh.”

“Hey!” Ty glared at Jack. “You wasn’t right either, asshole.”

“More right than you.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Seth rolled his eyes and stepped out of the barn to light up. The cigarette bobbed up and down, caught between those sinfully tempting lips as Seth talked. “You both were wrong.”

“Time to get back to work,” Robbie said as he stood.

“Yep.” Seth’s eyes never left his as Robbie met his cowboy halfway. “Got a new tractor Mack wants me to go look at. Wanna come?”

“Oh. Do I ever,” Robbie murmured. God, he wanted a kiss, but not in front of Jack and Ty. “Let’s go.”

“See ya boys later!” Seth waved, winking at Robbie when Jack and Ty both started yellin’ about a way out of the fort.

Robbie followed him over to the truck and climbed in, buckling as Seth slid in the driver’s side. “Will they ever stop arguing long enough to just take the damn thing apart?”

Seth held the cigarette in his lips as he started the truck. As he buckled, he just shook his head. He put the truck into gear, released the emergency brake, and started down the road leading to the highway. “Not a fucking chance,” he said finally, grinning around the cigarette.

“So what was that about ‘tall, long, and thick’?” Robbie asked, reaching over to slide one hand over Seth’s right thigh. He got a heated look from the corner of Seth’s eye.

“That an offer?” Seth didn’t wait for an answer, just reached down and popped the button on his jeans.

Oh, fuck yes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mychael *waves,

Great excerpt! I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, looking forward to it when I have the time! Does Robbie have any new tats in this one!? I know you're always writing, so what are you working on now?

(at work, ugh)

Liz said...

Heh, no new tats in this one, but... Well, let's just say that Seth gets a little addition in this one... ;)

Hmm, what am I working on now? Ohh, will tackle that in a new post. :D


Anonymous said...

That will be interesting!


Liz said...


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