Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To edit or not to edit

Well, you should always have a book edited, of course, but how much should you edit yourself before sending to your publisher? That's what I'm wrestling with right now. Part of me thinks that I should just put my red pen down and send the manuscript to my Loose Id editor already. I've had the first draft of this book written for a couple of months now (time flies!), but I keep futzing around with little sections.

So for the other writers out there -- how much do you usually edit before you send in a draft? Do you get friends to read your work before you let your pro editor see it? I'm wondering if we all have a similar process or not. I always get at least a couple of trusted friends to read before I even think of submitting.

I think part of what's holding me back is that I have a new editor, and there's always that fear of the unknown!


Amanda Young said...

Honestly, I write the cleanest draft I can (editing as I go) and then have one or more crit partners read over for it for me to catch the things I miss. After that, it gets sent to my editor. If I picked at pieces of any given story, I figure I'll do more harm than good. I'm one of those people who can nit-pick something to death.

Laura Bacchi said...

Gosh I hate editing my own stuff :( But I edit as I go, then make a final pass before sending it to my crit partner and usually a beta reader. Then I review their comments and make another editing pass on the computer before letting the words sit a week or more. Finally, I read through a printed copy before sending it off.

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks for the comments, Laura and Amanda! It's always interesting to me to find out what the process is for other authors.

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks! I hope to hear something back about it soon.

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