Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Round Robin - Sex God

Our round robin has taken on a life of its own, and now it has a title—Sex God. Yay, this is so much fun. Today’s my turn to tease and titillate. *BWEG*

Monday’s post:

Luke inched up behind Jaxon on hand and knee, feeling the intense scrutiny of the God’s powerful gaze on his own ass all the way. If anything, knowing he was being watched and appraised only made him harder, his dick like steel where it bounced below him, slapping his abs and leaving a sticky trail behind with every sinuous glide he made across the floor toward his friends.

Jaxon looked up as Luke approached, his beautiful lips curved up at the corners around Brad’s thick cock, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Luke smiled at him and continued around the pair, until he was where he most wanted to be, faced with the firm round globes of Jaxon’s pale ass. He reached out a tentative hand and skated his fingers over the silken skin of Jaxon’s ass, feeling his friend’s body tremble in response to his touch.

He separated the pale globes, revealing the tight pink pucker between, and leaned forward, inhaling the delicate aroma of lusty man and clean skin with only a hint of whatever soap Jaxon had used that morning. Without lube, there was only one way he knew of to prepare Jaxon for his cock, without hurting him. He could only hope Jaxon would derive as much enjoy from this as he would.

Luke blew a stream of air over Jaxon’s ass, fascinated with the way it made his hole clench and flutter. He bent forward and gave a tentative lick, swiping the tip of his tongue around the tight ring of muscle, giving Jaxon a chance to buck him off, if it was something he didn’t want.

When no response came, other than the wet slurping sounds of Jaxon sucking off Brad, and Brad’s quiet whimpers, Luke resumed his feast, licking and sucking the tiny whorl of wrinkled skin.

Jaxon wiggled his ass, pushing back against Luke’s tongue for more. Luke stiffened his tongue into a point and jabbed it at Jaxon’s ass, fucking his friend’s ass with it until he felt the snug entrance give way and loosen for him, giving all appearance of being ready for something bigger, ready for his cock.

Today’s addition:

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Brad groaned, clenched his teeth and fought to hold back the need to climax. The hot, wet suction of Jaxon’s mouth on his cock, coupled with the hotter than hell sight of Luke fucking Jaxon’s tight hole with his tongue, blew Brad’s mind. Fire raced along his spine, gathering in his full, heavy balls.

When Luke positioned the broad head of his cock at Jaxon’s sphincter, Brad widened his stance and leaned forward to watch, praying he wouldn’t fall over. The view was amazing. His breath caught in his throat as Luke spread Jaxon’s cheeks wide. The tight ring of muscle stretched in welcome, engulfing Luke’s erection, taking every long inch.

“Jesus,” Luke hissed. “So tight. Scorching.”

Brad tried to speak but the words came out garbled, losing their meaning somewhere along the path between his brain and mouth. He knew how good it felt to be clenched deep in Jaxon’s hot body.

Blood rushed to Brad’s balls. His erection hardened and lengthened within the smothering suction of his lover’s mouth. Electric sensations pulsed through his cock, ripping a strangled cry from his lips.

His climax arrived in a powerful rush. Jaxon swallowed, his throat convulsing around the head of Brad’s cock, drawing every last drop of cum from his balls. His knees buckled. He caught himself by holding onto Jaxon’s shoulders.

A sense of pride filled him when Jaxon continued to lick and suck his semi-hard cock, hips never losing momentum as he met each of Luke’s strong thrusts.

Brad glanced over Luke’s shoulder, caught by the heat of the animated statue’s avid gaze.

“My turn,” the sex god declared.

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