Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sex God: Jaxon Finally Comes

Glancing to where the sex god had dragged Luke, he found his friend in pure ecstacy. Who wouldn't be with a stud like the former statue thrusting his thick cock in and out. Porn was nothing compared to the real life thing as the air was filled with the musky scent of sex. Even out here in the gardens, it seemed to permeate Jaxon's nose.

He groaned, looking up at Brad. "If I don't come soon, I'm going to explode."

With a grin that almost solved Jaxon's problem all by itself, Brad slid to his knees. "Hang on, baby." He opened wide and swallowed Jaxon's cock whole.

Jaxon gasped, back arching as Brad sucked him with single minded determination. "Oh my God!"

"Busy," boomed the Sex God, still thrusting into Luke in spite of the cum dripping from the man's hole.

Smart-ass deity. Jaxon let out a breathless laugh, which morphed into a groan when Brad did that thing he liked to do with his tongue. "Brad. Close."

Brad pulled off of Jaxon's cock, tearing a distinctly unmasculine whimper from Jaxon's throat. "Come in my mouth, baby."

He wet two fingers in his mouth, then applied that wonderful suction to Jaxon's prick again. Jaxon cried out when Brad's fingers slid into his ass, found the sweet spot and rubbed. He shot down Brad's throat, fingers clenching in his lover's hair. "Fuck, Brad. Yeah. Oh, fuck."

Brad hummed, the vibrations sending a violent shudder through Jaxon's now-extremely-sensitive cock and up his spine and nearly making his knees buckle. The hot breeze hit Jaxon's wet cock as Brad let go and stood. One arm around Jaxon's waist and the other hand cupping his head, Brad leaned forward and took Jaxon's mouth with his. Jaxon opened to him, tongue coming out to lap up the remains of his own semen. He loved the taste of himself and Brad mixed together.

"Love you, babe," Brad whispered, resting his forehead against Jaxon's.

Jaxon smiled a loopy, post-orgasmic smile. "Love you too."

"What're Luke and the Sex God statue guy doing?" Brad nuzzled Jaxon's neck. "Luke still getting his ass split?"

Jaxon turned to look, and his eyes saucered. "Whoa. Would you look at that."

(to be continued...)

Evil, evil cliffhanger! Bwahahaha!!!!

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Cassandra Gold said...

Argh! No fair with the cliffhangers! You are a cruel, cruel woman.

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