Thursday, August 30, 2007

In the works...

Roberta asked what I'm working on now, so here's the scoop...

A lot. LOL I've got writer's ADD--can't stick to one story. Here are a few things I'm currently ensconced in, though:

body mod novella - as yet untitled novella for a Torquere Press antho on a body mod theme.

Steve/Bret - no title for their story yet, but this is a couple that sprang up out of nowhere. Steve's ex-Army and a Dom; Bret's his sub, oh and a daywalker (a vamp who can survive sunlight, in limited quantities).

Blessed Sacrament - sequel to Kay's The Legacy. This one's slow-going.

Numerous other things that have been pushed onto the backburner for a bit. LOL

As for edits, I'm smoothing out the sequel to The Prince's Angel so I can get it to our Torquere editor. Working through edits on Realms of Fantasy, our angel/demon antho for Samhain, and doing edits on Dominion, sequel to The Power of Two, from Phaze. (All of these are Myc/Shayne titles, by the way.)

I know I'm forgetting something... LOL


Anonymous said...

Whew! You must go crazy keeping up with it all, lol. Body mod sounds interesting, but it all sounds good to me!


Liz said...

*grins* Thanks, hun! :D

Heh, sometimes...I really have to wonder. O.o

Anonymous said...

LOL The insanity seems to be working for you Mychael, so keep it up!


Liz said...

*chuckles* I'm tryin'! ;)

Katrina Strauss said...

I go through ADD stages like that myself! The important thing is to stay busy, because sooner or later, something concrete actually emerges from the madness. :D

Liz said...

Amen! LOL Now...if only we could convince our Musi of this. O.o

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