Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of Flying Time and Sluggish Muses

(It's about 15 minutes before midnight est so I think that's close enough to Friday to sneak this in...)

Anne and I were chatting the other day and conversation turned to a submission we'd sent. It had been "a few weeks" and we debated on checking in with the editor to see where we were in the TBR pile.

When checking the old sent folder it turns out that we sent the sub the first week of July. Okay so technically it was "a few weeks' but it's as if the entire month of August has blown past us both like a blur.

Geeze I hate when time does that--whooshing me into Old Ladyhood long before I'm ready. But to be fair, earlier in the month there was a weekend when the minutes literally felt like hours for both my daughter and myself. We were both popping off with,"Man, is this the longest day or what?" and here only twenty-five minutes had passed. *_*

And that brings us to the Sluggish Muse. I really shouldn't bitch about that considering that s/he was awol for a good 2+ years not all that long ago, but geeze there are so many "Great Beginnings" I need to get done before Old Ladyhood devours me and my brain refuses to focus and get to work. I suppose I can legitimately chalk some of it up to the horrendously hot and humid strings of days when I doubt anyone's brain was feeling creative and then there's the "simple surgery" episode that two weeks after the fact is wanting to become complicated.
* UGH*

If anyone has any "cleanse out the crappy fog and let the creativity flow free" ideas or tips to share then by all means--spill 'em!

Enough about moi. I shall close with the new and spiffed up cover for our believed Yaoi Urban Fantasy The Dragon's Disciple coming soon from LiquidSilverBooks

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Amanda Young said...

Very nice cover! It's yummy. :)

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