Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gay movies

Greetings, Slash and Burn readers. I'm Keira Andrews, and I'm happy to be a new contributer to this blog. Aside from a metric crapload of Queer as Folk fanfiction, I've written one M/M novel called Love Match, along with a short sequel called City of Lights. Love Match is about two pro tennis players who fall in love. I'm working on my second novel now, a romantic thriller about a young single father and a hunky park ranger.

Now, a question: What's your favourite gay-themed movie? I saw a great little flick on the weekend called Quinceanera, which featured a prominent gay storyline, and it just got me thinking about other films that are worth seeing. Two of my favourites are British coming-of-age dramas: Beautiful Thing and Get Real.

As you can see, I tend to go for coming-of-age stories, no matter how old I get! (I'm 33, for the record.) Anyone else have any favourites to recommend?


Vicki said...

Beautiful thing was good. ANd so was Better than Chocolate, although it's not gay themed really.

Zot said...

I really liked Trick, silly name aside. Worth putting on the NetFlix queue, for sure.

Amanda Young said...

I actually just watched a pretty good one over the weekend. Latter Days was about a mormon missionary who falls in love with a pretty boy while out in LA. Thought provoking for me, anyway.

Keira Andrews said...

Ohhh, Better Than Chocolate! I saw that on TV one day and really enjoyed it. Thanks for reminding me of it, vicki. Great lesbian flick.

You know, zot, I've never seen Trick because it sounded silly. Thanks for the rec, I'll check it out!

amanda, I really liked Latter Days, too. It was a little cheesy at times (like the song video!), but still very sweet and enjoyable. One of the better ones out there!

Unknown said...

Gone but not Forgotten is a low-budget, yet sweet gay romance movie.

Anonymous said...

have you seen BISHONEN ?

Some vids are on youtube.

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