Sunday, May 6, 2007

Music: what do you love?

Opinions regarding what makes good music vary hugely from person to person. To me, good music is music that makes me feel something. Joy, anger, excitement, anything. Books are for thinking, as are movies to some extent. But music, for me, exists to make me feel. It's played a huge part in my life, even indirectly leading me to my True Love, writing. Long story LOL.

Artists I'm currently mad for:
- Radiohead, first, last, and always. They saved my life (another long story), and changed it for the better.
- Patrick Wolf, who IMO has brought a new sort of purity back to music.
- Larrikin Love; rough-edged, barbed, and beautiful mix of musical styles, with some dark and chilling lyrics.

There are more, of course, but I could go on all day and not be done, so I'll spare you :D
Now tell me, what's on your iPod? What makes you laugh, or cry, or dance around your bedroom? What music has been important to your life? I want to know!


Barbara Sheridan said...

You know I'm stuck on those J-rockers and the beauty of it is even though I haven't clue one as to what they're saying (without the translation in front of me)I can feel the song in ways that are so much more deeper than English language songs.

I guess with English our brains right away pick up on the words whereas with the foreign artists its the total package, music and vocal sounds that really do it.

I dare anyone to listen to these two songs and not feel the emotion these men felt when writing them.
Long Distance Call~ Buck Tick

Rain~ Gackt

Rain makes me cry everytime. Whenever there's a sad scene to write I play that for the duration.

Ally Blue said...

I hear ya. For me, a song becomes special when the music, the voice - and sometimes the lyrics - combine to let you feel the emotions behind the song. Which is why I'm such a rabid Radiohead fan. NOBODY cuts themselves open (metaphorically speaking, of course :P) like Thom Yorke does onstage. That's fucking BRAVE, you know?

Thanks for the song links, I'm definitely checking those out! I've seen a couple of Buck Tick vids, which I liked quite a lot, but haven't listened to any Gackt before :D

Barbara Sheridan said...

What's pretty cool is that in reading the translations of the lyrics for those songs the words convey the emotions so I understand what you mean about all the elements combing.

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