Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Already?

Hopefully Anne Cain will pop in here a bit later with something more entertaining but until then you get me. ^__^

First off a big Welcome to all our new Slash & Burn bloggers *insert virtual confetti throwing here*

Oh! Anne and I have some news. Soul of the Night our Yaoi-esq vampire tale from Samhain is now listed on Amazon for pre-order! Yes, that fangirl squealign you all heard the othre evening was me and Anne when we found out. ^__^. And don't forget the print version of SotN also contains the illustrations Anne did. These ones are black & white. The full color illustrations are in the E-book version.

We're considering doing a shorter length M/M story for Halloween but haven't hit on a plot yet. Anyone care to toss out what you'd like to see?

1 comment:

veinglory said...

Personally I am getting tired of stories about unbelievably gorgeous guys. Real people with a few flaws are hot too... ;)

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