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Free Story: Kitsune Part 4

Time for another chapter in this strange, strange adventure. The story thus far has vampires Ryuhei and Kiyoshi in 19th century Paris, where they hope to enjoy the City of Lights. After meeting a mysterious young woman who seemingly puts a thrall over Ryuhei, the couple head off to their hotel. Once in their room, pleasuring each other is now their only concern...

*Warnings: This chapter continues some graphic scenes of Les Man Sex (and I can hear some of you in the back, muttering "finally." *g* What can I say? I like building things up!) There's also gratuitous rooftop hopping and duck quacking, so you've all been suitably warned.* Please enjoy!


Chapter 4

Luggage in tow, Kiyoshi and Ryuhei climbed up the stone steps. They entered the hotel’s mostly empty lobby. With the dawn nothing more than a pink haze starting to tint the Parisian cityscape outside the windows, only two sleepy-eyed attendants manned the counter.

Ryu got try some more of his French on the staff, and quickly secured a room. To Kiyoshi’s relief, Ryuhei didn’t seem to be as interested in the mysterious girl now that they were some distance from the station. Once they were inside the room, Ryu’s main focus was on getting into a hot bath.

“After that long trip, we need to relax,” he insisted as he drew all the curtains shut. Glancing over his shoulder at Kiyoshi, Ryu smiled coyly. “If we share the tub, I can wash your back and you can wash mine…”

Kiyoshi finished lighting a candle at the bedside table before joining him at the window. “That sounds wonderful,” he murmured, picking up on Ryuhei’s arousal. The desire rolled off his body strong enough for Kiyoshi to taste it. Not that they were going to do much bathing once they were in the tub together…

A knock sounded at the door, interrupting them just as they leaned in for a kiss. “Damn,” Ryuhei sighed. He stepped out of their embrace and crossed the room to let in one of the hotel girls.

“Breakfast is served in the dinning room at eight,” she explained, as she carried a pot of hot water to the bathroom and tucked some loose curls of blond hair back under her white cap.

“We’d prefer not to be disturbed,” Ryuhei let out a long, overly dramatic yawn from the opposite. “We’ve had a tiring trip.”

“Of course, Monsieur.”

As soon as the girl drew them a bath, Ryuhei shooed her out. He leaned back against the closed door. “Finally alone.

Completely alone, in fact. The room was empty, Kiyoshi gone from beside the bed. A soft rustle sounded in the adjacent bathroom, the orange glow of candlelight spilling out from the doorframe. Unfastening the button on his collar, Ryuhei drifted over.

Kiyoshi stood at the head of the porcelain tub, his clothing discarded in piles across the tiles. He glanced over his bare shoulder to smile at Ryu, the toned muscles of his lithe form highlighted by the candle.

“The water will get cold if we wait any longer,” Kiyoshi whispered.

“Let’s not.”

Soon Ryu’s clothing joined those of his lover on the floor, and he drew Kiyoshi into an embrace. Their lips met a moment before their hardening cocks rubbed together as the two men pulled close.

Ryu murmured wordless sounds of pleasure into Kiyoshi’s mouth as their erections swelled. Dropping his hands to cup the smooth, flawless curve of his lover’s backside, he urged Kiyoshi to rock forward at the hip. The hot flesh of Kiyoshi’s sex pushed into his upper thigh as his own cock surged at the touch.

Together they stepped into the tub and sank into the warm depth water. While Ryuhei settled back against the inside of the porcelain basin, Kiyoshi straddled his upper thigh. The heat radiating from Kiyoshi was enough to make the water feel room temperature by comparison, the intensity of his desire enough to enflame Ryuhei’s lust. The tips of their swollen organs grazed underneath the soapy surface, sending another.

Coaxing Kiyoshi forward with a gentle nudge from his thigh, Ryu arched up. He brushed his lips along Kiyoshi’s neck in a series of fleeting kisses, inhaling his lover’s fragrant scent. Blood murmured beneath the surface of the skin to tickle Ryu’s lips. “You must taste wonderful,” he breathed, the throbbing in his fangs matching the pulsing between his legs.

Kiyoshi tilted his head just off to the side, giving Ryu all the invitation he needed. Parting his lips, Ryuhei’s fangs lengthened to pierce the skin. He closed his mouth over the tiny wounds, drawing in the salty, metallic flavor of Kiyoshi’s blood—his life. Below his abdomen, his cock jerked in reaction and a groan vibrated in his chest.

Gripping the edge of the tub and pulling himself forward, Kiyoshi lowered himself over the stiff, slick organ. A gasp hitched in his throat as his opening stretched to welcome Ryuhei’s thick erection into the passage. Muscles clenched around the cock, tightening and flexing as it drove deeper.

Thrusting in time with each suck of his lips, Ryuhei didn’t stop until the entire length was buried within Kiyoshi. With a trembling hand, he stroked Kiyoshi’s swollen organ and they rocked together in a rising crescendo. Together, they slammed into their climax—Ryuhei spilling inside of his lover as Kiyoshi spurted through his fingertips into the bath water.

The appetite for both sex and blood satisfied, Ryuhei broke away from Kiyoshi’s neck, panting. He closed his eyes, melting into Kiyoshi’s caresses as the other man cradled both sides of his face. The silky touch of Kiyoshi's lips brought a soft sigh to Ryu's own. He toyed with the soft damp strands of hair falling across Kiyoshi's face as the two men settled back into the tub.

"Hold me," Kiyoshi nuzzled against the side of Ryu's neck, his eyelashes fluttering across the skin.

Exhausted and happily sated, Ryuhei draped both arms over Kiyoshi. They would drift off to sleep away the daylight hours in contentment, enjoying each other’s company in every way. Later, they would--

“Did you hear that?” Kiyoshi interrupted Ryu’s silent musings.

“Hmm?” Ryu mumbled, drowsy. “I don’t think I was talking out loud.”

“I thought I heard someone out in the hall crying,” Kiyoshi frowned.

Ryuhei made an admittedly half-assed effort to focus his hearing beyond the beating of their hearts. “It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone out there,” he yawned, tightening his embrace to hold Kiyoshi closer. “Never mind.”

“There it is again,” Kiyoshi slipped through his grip. “It’s a young woman.”

Kiyoshi did have more developed senses that could perceptive things beyond Ryuhei’s ability. Even if Ryu couldn’t pick out the sound of her tears, there probably was a girl weeping somewhere out in the hall. Kiyoshi rose to leave the tub.

Groaning, Ryuhei reached for his wrist. “Don’t go,” he pleaded sleepily. “It’s probably nothing serious. If you leave, I’ll start crying too.”

Splashing some water into Ryu’s face, Kiyoshi stepped out. “Let me just make sure she’s okay. I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, all right,” Ryuhei sighed as Kiyoshi slipped on a bathrobe and padded out the door. “Leave me to sit here alone and keep the water warm while you console her, whoever she is. No one will be here to dry my tears--”

Kiyoshi doubled back and closed the bathroom door on the rest of Ryuhei’s words. “Hey…!” Ryuhei huffed and scowled at the door. “So that’s how it is.”

Closing his eyes, he relaxed under the water and let the warmth relax his tense muscles. After their exertions, the bath felt wonderful, though it would’ve been nicer with Kiyoshi sharing it as well. Sinking lower until the water covered his mouth, he released another sigh that brought bubbles to the surface. But as Ryu started to feel drowsy again, and he allowed himself drift off into a lazy half-sleep.

A thud sounded in the hall, loud enough for Ryu to hear it.

He opened one eye. Another bang followed, this one a little louder, accompanied with some scuffling noises. He sat up, and there was as muffled cry for help.


Ryuhei shot out of the bath, shrugging into a robe as he darted through the hotel room. Throwing open the door, he whipped around. At the end of the hall to the right was a large glass window overlooking the city. A woman dressed in a blue kimono pushed out the pane and climbed up to the sill. Draped over her shoulder and tied with coils of thick, gold rope, was Kiyoshi. He stared up at Ryuhei and gave another stifled cry through the piece of rope acting as a gag as he tried to flail around.

“What the hell?” Ryuhei’s eyes widened.

The girl glanced over her shoulder. Ryu gasped as he recognized the young Japanese woman from the train station. “Kaomi?” he blinked.

“Sorry, I only have room for one new toy,” she flashed him a wicked grin, her eyes flickering with a golden light. She had two ears the same color and shape as a fox, and they swiveled towards him in a playful gesture. “I’ll come back for you, later.”

“Wait!” Ryuhei started. A kitsune—a fox demon—here in Paris!

Giggling, the young woman jumped. She disappeared over the edge of the sill with Kiyoshi in tow, and Ryuhei raced to the edge. He caught site of her running across the rooftop of the next building, her bare feet moving deftly across the shingles.

“Gods, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Ryuhei clutched the sill. There was a good fifteen-foot gap and two-story drop between the buildings, which seemed like a damned big distance regardless of whether or not Ryu was a vampire. But the demon girl was getting away, with Kiyoshi bouncing on her shoulder and unable to get free. The first rays of sunlight breached the horizon, making Ryu’s exposed skin itch.

Quickly running out of time, Ryu gulped down a breath and made the jump. He landed on the roof, almost slipping on the bath water dripping from his robe. Ryuhei pulled himself up and sprinted forward. “I’m coming, Kiyoshi!”

The girl jumped across to another roof and Ryu gave chase.

She was fast, but weighed down enough by Kiyoshi that Ryu closed the distance. Kaomi was only a hundred feet away by the time they cleared the next two roofs and each time she glanced back at him, her cheeks were pink and flushed from effort. She made a turn were the buildings became spaced further and further apart. Just up ahead, the girl ducked below the crest of a pitched roof.

At the top of the crest, he skidded to a stop. The next rooftop stood a hundred feet away, separated by a garden, complete with a pond where ducks were splashing around in the water. There was no sign of the demon girl below, and just as Ryuhei realized she’d somehow doubled back without being seen, he felt a hard shove from behind.

“Fuck!” Ryuhei yelled as he pitched over the edge, arms pinwheeling at his sides while tumbled off the roof. He caught a glimpse of the demon girl waving at him while Kiyoshi shook his head, looking clearly embarrassed.

“Sorry,” Kaomi grinned. “Watch out for the landing.”

Ryuhei slammed head first into the pond with a huge splash. He sank straight to the shallow, sludgy bottom, the silt oozing all around him. Dazed, he swallowed what must have been have the water and tadpoles in the pond before surfacing from the muck.

“The bitch!” he spat up a mouthful of…well, he preferred not to think about what it might be. Overhead, the roof was empty save for a few displaced ducks. The fowls stared down at him with beady eyes, clearly pissed at having a strange man fall from the sky into their pool.

Soaked, muddy and suffering one hell of a crick in his neck, Ryuhei trudged out to the slippery bank. There was no time to start looking for the demon girl now, not with the morning sun bearing down on him. He held his bathrobe closed with his hands, the tie lost somewhere in the pond. One of the ducks fluttered down, watching him closely.

“It’s all yours,” Ryuhei muttered sourly.

The duck quacked and headed in to reclaim the pond.



Anonymous said...

OH you know those kitsune know EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT... (^_-)

hmmm I recalled some artwork attached to this story...I remember the water splashing over the side of the tub

Anne Cain said...


I think the pervy-water-splashing-over-the-side-of-the-tub art was a piece for a certain scene in DD2 you might be remembering. But maybe Ryu and Kiyoshi need some smexy art of their own...*cackles*

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