Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Writing Manlove

It's my day. I think. *grabs hair* I'm so confused! Waahhh. Could be that I'm butt deep in deadlines and getting worse by the minute, or that I have four kids who only let me write late into the night so that I'm dead tired in the morning, or that...

Excuses, Excuses.

So, I'm sharing my Wednesdays with Nicole Austin--thanks, babe! See, I made her go last week when she'd only been on the loop like, a day. I know, Nic, no need to thank me.

Today I am playing the Princess of Thieves. Again. Yesterday Ally Blue (took me a long time to figure out who since when I commented there was no name goober!) posted a blog at (love the name) about writing or reading manlove and what led you to pick up the genre. For me, I loved reading m/m. It never once occured to me to write it. What the hell do I know about the act of...well, you know :) But late one night, I found myself writing my steamy short menage for the Midsummer Night's Steam series at Samhain and I'm right in the middle of this scene when my one hero says to the other,

“Let me help you.” Lance stepped up behind him and Gabe dropped his hands, never taking his gaze off Evan’s face.
Her eyes widened. Lance reached around Gabe’s hips and fondled his cock through the thick denim. He hissed out a breath and rested his head on Lance’s shoulder. The man handled his cock in the most exquisite way.

Holy Crap! What the heck just happened??? I found myself staring at the computer screen as if it had written the words instead of me. I'm usually pretty in control of my characters and where they're going but in Fantasmagorical the m/m aspect literally snuck up on me and smacked me between the eyes. Thank God, because I love the story and can't wait for its release. I'm even writing another one :)

How did you come into this genre? (No pun intended *bg*)


Vicki said...

The first m/m story I wrote was sort of accidental. I needed a plot twist, and the woman I'd planned to have my main character fall in love with wasn't interested, but he fell hard for her situational lover.

After that, I just experimented a lot. I did read some slash, but I didn't really get to into slash. I just wrote my own stories, and read a lot of gay literature.

Keira Andrews said...

It was writing slash fanfic for TV shows that first got me interested in the genre. Fanfic was great practice, but then I figured I should give it a go with my own characters! So glad I did. *g*

Anonymous said...

You know I can't say exactly, but I think I started reading m/m when I progressed from m/f/m and then m/m/f... and next thing I know I'm reading m/m :)As long as it's a romance with an hea, I'm happy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank you for sharing your day, Annmarie!

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